Is Chomp Thing Good After Being Buffed? Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

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Welcome to another Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 video. Today we are playing as Chomp Thing who got a buff since the Trouble In Zombopolis Update, He will start to regenerate health almost instantly after taking damage

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Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS Release]


Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]

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  • MariaMaria

    Author Reply

    Well the chomp thing was really bad in GW1 but I very happy 😊 that he got a buff and he's a lot better in GW2

  • It's not difficult to capture as the plants, all you need is cacti to plant mines on the objective, peas to spam rush with sombrero bomb and kernal corn to throw bigger better bombs on the objective, also chomp to throw down a lot of spike weeds on the objective. So many things that plants can do to steal the objective, it's stupid.

  • Jesus zero how many adds have you put here

  • I hate chomp thing

  • ZeroxFusionz even with your worst character u would still beat me cause u r so good 😃

  • 10:32 the chill corner

  • you have soo much 💰 on that game

  • Joe RJoe R

    Author Reply

    Foot soldiers have 63 health when on half health

  • I glad they changed the camera angle. It was annoying because it was so close to the chomper

  • does anyone else think the game has been more laggy since trouble in zombopolis dlc?
    ( watch, nobody will reply because of my luck )

  • lol I love these kind of videos

  • watching zeroxfusionz while playing pvz gw 2 lol

  • You know what would be cool? If popcap added a feature for sometimes if chomper tries to burrow under a zombie or spikeweed them, the zombie can sorta struggle to prevent the chomper from eating them

  • Do you know zackscoott ? Because can you do a video with him please if you don't do it I will say to the people that do not subcribe you and report you just kidding 🙂

  • Zero if you respond I will love my gamertag is Direfulsquash87 I help people who are new and get then 54 gnomes secrets and have fun zero xxxxxx

  • What's better chomp cannon or goop? Which chomper a best? I don't really use any accept the power and fire…

  • Chomp thing is like my only favorite chomper

  • Love your videos

  • Do a open game on private play multi player zompbopolis btw my gamer tag is latertadpole300 but I will be online Saturday

  • Can you imagine the chomper getting a ranged weapon similar to the scientist?

    I mean the chomper is still lacking range.

  • Can you do some over watch again plz

  • I was also the party corn with legendary hat

  • ٍStill, this chomper should have a health of 150. If you look to every chomper with a health less than 175, you will find that that chomper has an advantage. For example, Count Chompula gains health after swallowing, so it's health is reduced to 150. Hot Rod Chomper has two advantages, it's regular speed is high and it gains speed boost after swallowing, so it's health is reduced to 125.

    The only advantage that Chomp Thing has is quick health regeneration, so why it's health is reduced to 125?

  • I was the party citron in the vid

  • My favorite chomper is definitely the Hot Rod Chomper.

  • on one your vids you said you would react to the zombobils tralier I want to see that because the zombobils tralier is already out I've seen it

  • I think they should bring back the option to aim for the chomped. It makes it way easier to goop zombies. BTW I was a KILLER with the fire chomper

  • Oh god the grammar and spelling in this comment section is horrible

  • I KNOW!!!!! IT IS SO FUN!!!!!!!

  • I play firs flower a lot I'm now a specialist zero

  • You should do a reading your comments vid!

  • Will This Video In Whole youtube have no dislikes Lets hope So No Disliked

  • spike weed is op

  • I finally got toxic citron today

  • with some upgrades .. will be generate his health fast . thats why he the best

  • When zombies win they get a cool animation

  • Zero will u showcase the sunflower (their buff)

  • zero when will pop cap do the update when you have to a certine rank to get the unicorn chomper

  • stop being happy

  • sup

  • in GW1 burrowed chompers did count as 'in' the garden. not so for GW2 as you saw

  • Can you the tank commander. He has been nerfed on impact damage. Or the chemist? Damage from 40 goes to 36 which actually does make a difference

  • It was 63. Thats the half

  • Hey Zero, since you did a vid about the best ways to get lots of coins can you also do a video of how to level up your characters very quickly too?

  • The lvl9 upgrade for chompers is a speed udgrade

  • In love with your accent

  • hi zero the chomp thing is good because u dont have to hide behind a wall to regen

  • health regen delay is SOONER
    helth regen is QUICKER

  • I see shadow flower way to much now

  • Igot an ad for gw2 and no dislikes!!