Kerbal Space Program Controller [Maker Update]

This week on Maker Update, a virtual rocket controller, a light organ dress, 3D printed detergent hack, and casting with Lego bricks. This week’s Cool Tool is a 5″ Sanding Mouse:

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Make: magazine Senior Editor Caleb Kraft guest picks!

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KerbalController a Custom Control Panel by Hugo Peeters

Light Organ LED Dress v2 by Mirromaru

Laundry Detergent Cup Drain by davwilso

-=Cool Tools Minute=-

5″ Sanding Mouse for Orbital Sanding Discs

As recommended by Nick Offerman


Lego Mold Boxes, Know Your Screws, and Yet More Glue Tips and Tricks by Gareth Branwyn

Adafruit Feather 328P

MagPi Issue #66 Now Available

HackSpace Issue #3 Now Available

How to lift a banana: a guide to motors in robotics by Simon BDY

Maker Faire Bay Area Call for Makers

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  • The 3d printed drain for the cap is neat, but why not just throw the cap into the wash and use the soap right away? Seems a bit silly IMO.

  • I vote to invite Bob from ILTMS!

  • Cool!

  • Thanks Donald for new episode, like it

  • i dunno about everyone else but I just throw the entire cup in with the laundry, that way its clean when you remove it, and no residue to deal with. I think it tells you on the instructions too to do this, never had a problem with the degrading or ruining my wash, just don't "dry" it.

  • What a great Maker update! I think an interesting thing as far as guests go, is if you could get one of the people who made a featured project from maker update to be able to come on and talk through it real quick, or maybe say a project they are interested in next, or one that caught their eye.

  • Donald! Long lost cousin!

  • That sanding mouse – WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE???

  • Go Bears!

  • That cup drainer might be my favorite 3D print idea EVER. When we had a top load washer I would just let some of the water filling the machine rinse the cup out, but ever since we got a front loader I haven't known what to do with it.

  • really nice episode. for guest I think you should talk with Angus MakersMuse, Joel 3DprintingNerd, Joe 3d maker noob and Jeff Print 3D channel.

  • Laura Kampf would be great as a guest host. I always find her vision inspiring.