Learn Starcraft – Zerg Beginner Build Guide & Gameplan! [2018]

A basic zerg build that will help most players in the majority of their games up to (and maybe past) the diamond league! Zerg players really need to focus on getting their economy up early on, with queens a big part of early defense so that they can have the explosion of units for the overwhelming swarm 🙂

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  • Cool. Learned nuthin. Thanks for showing off tho.

  • watched this through a few times, he upgrades missile attack at the evo at ~4min

  • @WinterStarcraft Dude. U dont know how to make a beginner videos… U think beginner will catch what u just did? No chance. Im silver (playing for few days – toss). And even I dont know what is happening….

  • Beginner guide my ass. This is a guide for pros who want tips on the Zerg. Jeez 😒

  • im an unranked zerg newbie , never played this game before , I was using this build and maxed out around 9 min. My opponent looked at my army and left the game without a single shot. I mean, damn !

  • im absolute new at the game and this gave me nothing 😀 You are doing everything too fast…

  • The Zerg Queen is one of the most brilliant units invented in the history of RTS games. An all purpose unit that can do so many things and costs just 150 minerals and no gas. Queens are integral to defense, map control and production. Their ability to heal(infuse) can save your ass in a tight spot.

    This was a brilliant invention by Blizzard and one of the many reasons why Starcraft 2 is the best game ever invented.

  • You should really learn how to explain things

  • You act cool and stuff but in reality i learned nothing

  • i got sick and threw up after all the sudden camera angle changes.

  • What music is that? I like it.

  • Yeah I can’t see a single thing you’re doing

  • damn i can't get it under 9:30 :/

  • I had no idea what you were talking about or doing

  • AnimaAnima

    Author Reply

    I have never touched Zerg before, I think "beginner" is kind of false advertising here

  • How is this for beginners when you click a thousand times per minute and the camera moves so fast i think i had two strokes during the first 5 minutes. Shouldnt you start slow?

  • BruhBruh

    Author Reply


  • 4:49 420 gas hehe

  • i didnt understand alot of that

  • 9:20 furiously makes queens the whole game

  • 1st song name plz

  • I have a problem figuring out when to drop drone production for a bit to produce an army. For example, when do I stop spamming drones and start building some zerglings.

  • Yes, I would like to see a Terran and Protoss build

  • What are you doing in the beginning? Kinda spamming by force of habit or did each of those keystrokes mean something? It looked like you were hotkeying your workers but you did a lot in a short period of time

  • I really like Winter's videos. But this "guide" is just lol :))))

  • Does anyone have a video tutorial for zergs…for new players. I've played for about a week now and I understand some parts of what he did but seeing how fast he moves… its hard to follow. Was wondering if theres a slower guide.

  • Winter you're such a mrsuicidesheep boi

  • This isn't much of a guide for beginners, seems more suited to intermediate players, you're talking too fast and playing too quick for the noobies

  • Nah, playing Zerg well is more like:
    -2 Extractors
    -2 Drones
    -Cancel both Extractors
    -Spawning Pool
    -Extractor, saturate
    -3 Zerglings
    -Mine 100 Gas, pull Drones back to minerals
    -Metabolic Boost
    -Make a shit ton of Zerglings
    -Don't forget to make some Overlords
    -Make even more Zerglings
    -Run all of them across the map when Metabolic Boost finishes
    -Kill all units and workers, then the structures
    if your opponent survives:
    -Max out on 3/3 Roach Hydra with 60 Drones, liberately add infestors, vipers and/or brood lords

  • JelleJelle

    Author Reply

    "beginner build guide". proceeds to do 1000 camera changes in 1 minute.

  • I don't understand why he spams his hotkeys all the time like crazy, even at the beginning when he has no unit ?

  • ____

    Author Reply

    when in doubt queen it out.

  • Just started playing sc2. Have watched winter for 2 years.jus now to the point I feel comfortable with zerg. I'm number 4 on bronze league.winters strategys really do work. Thank you winter.