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Meet the Man Who Has Spent $70,000 Playing a Mobile Game

Sony’s mobile role-playing game “Fate/Grand Order” takes up most of 31-year-old Daigo’s time—and a lot of his money: His in-game purchases total more than $70,000. It’s worth it, he says. Devotees like Daigo have made “Fate/Grand Order” Sony’s most profitable game ever.

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  • zuelzuel

    Author Reply

    Even spending 7 dollars make me thinks 70000 times..

  • Anyone that is sane:
    English caption from YouTube :[speaking foreign language]

  • sony has no comment on one person spending that much on one game!?!

  • Shouldve buy a gaming pc a console and create a gaming room bruh

  • This game isnt so good xd
    Fate Grand order Arcade is way better than this

  • RamzaRamza

    Author Reply

    This is like saying some guy spent $70,000 on Mcdonalds burgers throughout his lifetime.
    They don't talk about whales who spent nearly $1 million dollars on Rise of Kingdoms. These guys are super rich of course.

  • He’s one of the reasons Fate GO made over 4 billion dollars in profit….the other reason is Astolfo.

  • Rich players grinding time = 2 weeks
    Poor player grinding time = 2 years
    Goodluck guys

  • i'm more focused on his gunpla

  • Honestly don't get it. You see my display pic obviously I'm a fan of the series. But the game just gets so boring after a while.

  • 70k it nothing one guy in rise of kingdoms spend over 500k dollars anf in lords mobile bring chang spend over 2million dollars lol

  • *laughs in Vivendi*

  • Bruh this is not even a big spender in terms of mobile games. In a gacha game with actual PVP mechanics we have top spenders at $800,000 (SinoAlice).

  • Yknow, if he is making the money, he can spend it

  • My man literally is on a different level

  • Yah dude thanks!!!

  • With That Spending, He can Buy a Console/PC instead (Even A PS5/ Xbox Lockhart). Anyway, Not My Problem Anymore. I Bet that he has multiple income flowing towards him by investing.

  • Where is ID? For following

  • This is nothing compared to mcoc players

  • I thought this would be about addiction, but this guy looks like he just can afford the ride. Nothing particularly bad.

  • u could buy the whole game

  • CakeCake

    Author Reply

    Bruh I used to play on one of the newer servers of the mobile game Tales of Wind and decided to quit after a year when I found out the older servers had hundreds to thousands of players who spent $30k-$100k USD each. Even my server had a handful of players who spent ~$50k.

  • >Best roll I've ever got


  • Why?? Just why?????

  • He couldve created his own game with that money. And a better one at that. Lol

  • Laughs In DatruthDT

  • What a Madlad! I prefer Azur Lane though..

  • They are surprise mechanics, nothing to do with gambling.

  • Thanks garnt

  • Haha only 70k

  • Thank you for FGO Babylonia anime and upcoming movies