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Piggy Chapter 12 Good Ending –

Today we get the play the final chapter 12 of Piggy. Chapter 12 is called Plant and it is the final showdown with Mr P. There are three endings in this chapter, The Good Ending, The Bad Ending & The True Ending. Today get the bad ending and see the story of Piggy! Plus test out some True Ending Theories!

Piggy is a Roblox game which is based off the super scary Granny. Do you have what it takes to escape Piggy and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?

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  • Theories for the True Ending? Anyone have any ideas how to get it? More Piggy Here! –

  • hello Thnxcya

  • The story T^T

  • I’m worrying that cahapter 12 is the last chapter of piggy i love piggy to much 🙁

  • I don’t now how to the True Ending

  • the song and the story made me cry:(

  • wow the ending so sad 🙁

  • help me

  • W*e*l*c*o*m*e

  • font

  • Wanna know how to get this Font ( *Font*)

  • I’m trying to listen to the song

  • If you get the bad ending can you get the good ending? If you can please tell me because I got the bad ending and I’m scared I can’t do it again so I can’t get the skin ;(

  • I love you

  • You have to beat every chapter one by one and then do chapter 12 and then you get the true ending

  • The True End is Go ti city: Complete City, Dont Leave. Go look Under A Purple Car. Press The Pic. Fnd The Pic And give It To Him. I can Do It With You: My User Is TorchickTheBlockymon.

  • the reason the 4 maps are chosen is because the school bunny was his friend, doggy the campsite mr.p told him to drink the potion, the carnival was mr.p's, and I forgot the other one.

  • I didnt know it was 2 chooses

  • i think now everyone know how to get mr.p and then i want to use mr.p from now on yayayayyayyayyay

  • Theory: you need to complete forest school carnival and metro then shoot mr p and then ghost bunny and doggy and you get the true ending?

  • I think the true ending has to so with the side characters. For example, in Chapter 3, the forest, The bear gets infected, Chapter 5, school is when you meet bunny, chapter 7, metro, is when bunny turns infected, or bunny tells you to leave her, and Chapter 8, is when you meet Pony and Zizzy. I think it has to do with the side characters. Plz like so Thynxcya can see.

  • I think the true endng was the go and put the posion togehter(i dont know if this works lemme know in your video thanks)

  • God your voice is annoying

  • Fake

  • Mr. P's Wife is a Carrot in Peppa Pig I just realized this and I am confused

  • Just let yall know that the ending is in the plant map ONLY

  • hey bro if you shoot orb with gun mr p becomes friendly pls pin this to

  • Flamingo/albert got a true ending if you go see his piggy videos

  • i think the maps are chosen because you lose and meet friends because you lose doggy and bunny and meet bunny pony and zizzy

  • i am going to try giving the picture to the void people

  • I pretty sure that it is something to do with the green lights that is in the sewer room it forms a question mark and that was a clue from the dev a question mark

  • Theory: What if you gotta do sum in the metro and Forest since you got The dogs and bunny’s souls