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Today we get the play the final chapter 12 of Piggy. Chapter 12 is called Plant and it is the final showdown with Mr P. There are three endings in this chapter, The Good Ending, The Bad Ending & The True Ending. Today get the good ending and see the story of Piggy!

Piggy is a Roblox game which is based off the super scary Granny. Do you have what it takes to escape Piggy and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?

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  • Piggy Chapter 12 and a wild sighting of THE BigOldTurkeyLegs. What a madness. Let me you what YOU think of the Good Ending? More Piggy here! –

  • This literally made me cry and made me want to watch people pig again everyday

  • .M.A.L.S.I.N.

  • I have gotten bad ending and I think I got good ending but idk

  • It is so sad

  • when i completed piggy the true ending i swear it made me cry cause it was so sad :c and now i cry everytime i see it…

  • omg dhis is very sad):

  • I hope theres a piggy 2 when everything goes back to normal. U
    But bunny tells you how its back to normal then we become infected ;O i wish theres a piggy to or maybe in the future

  • I know the true ending when they say lets go back to zizzy walk infront of mr p and he will tell you his story

  • Why do all the stories behind games have to be so sad.. damn

  • Teleports are the 1st one is doggy 2nd bunny and doggy in middle again those are memories to us

  • this is the end? will chapter 13 come out? I will be very ill if chapter 13 is not! I love this game! and I don’t want it to end! Well, yes, this game broke the cartoon! but I really like this game! very sorry for all the characters ….

  • I actually almost cried at the end for some reason

  • Hay thanxcya thare will be a new gamemode

  • Well at least we had a great journey

  • Boi u are colour blind. There is White key and Yellow key and purple key. Not SIlver key and gold

  • One time the good and bad piggy people were normal ROBLOX people like us and mr p made peppy piggy first and she made peppa piggy infected she didn’t just keep her like sissy and pony and mr p said to peppa pig go kill some more people and bring them here and I will make them infected and that’s what happened the ending story part like in the part were you saw clowny it was before he became infected then after he became infected I know this info cause is saw a roblox movie on Shane plays telling me all about it and in the end George gets infected but he thanks mr p because now he is with the rest of his family

  • I have the new skin badgey

  • If u went to near mr p u will get the bad ending because the infected will kill u form the back

  • Is you go up to mr.p you can see the bad ending

  • I love this song

  • You know it's really sad that ending…So I cried a little bit…😢😢😢

  • I never beat piggy but now I did it and it’s so sad but now who is George’s family now

  • That’s so sad 😭

  • I really dont want piggy to end.

  • DanTDM he chose the mr potao and he got bad ending and you got good ending and it was a choice mr p or george mr p was bad ending george is good ending but original ending idk about that one

  • I'm escape and chapter 12

  • It makes me so sad the song

  • I want to save all piggy’s from infection

  • That music was great. Was it the music from the game or did you have to change it?

  • His voice changed when he said do it 16:18

  • JuanJuan

    Author Reply

    true ending is found when you escape every chapter then play city in plear+bot find the ms.p pic underneath the purple car before escaping then escape plant walk up to mr.p and you will get a mr.p skin

  • I have de bad anding and wass so sad

  • The 2 batteries made a potion

  • This is sad😭