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Nightcore – We Don't Talk Anymore – (Switching Vocals) (Lyrics)

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【和訳】Charlie Puth – We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) Lyrics
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[karaoke + lyrics] we don't talk anymore phiên âm tiếng Việt cực dễ hát =))
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Charlie Puth – We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Lash Remix] [Official Video]
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    Sub to him/her XD

  • Whats the anime ?

  • Hola mi armana is felice-Hi my sister is hapy

  • 2020
    Song: We don't talk anymore
    Me: no we text

    Great song this is amazing ❤️❤️😊

  • This song was one of the first nightcore I heard and I still love it♥🌹🌸

  • love the art!

  • Sory idong… Nnt g cri kje btul2 ea. Hehe

  • I know im late to comment but the anime is guilty crown inori and shu

  • Who watching this in 2020?

  • When someone sings this to there ex BFF

  • If you don’t talk anymore? Why are you talkin* in this vid?

  • Aww cute 😍 love the pictures and the voice ♥️

  • No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Me:I was thinking to sing with my brother,sadly,I didn't have any
    brother…So I sing this song alone ಥ‿ಥ
    Legend says,if you write the creator name 3 times,your comment will get pinned
    Did it really worked?I guess nope ಠ_ʖಠ

  • I'm surprised that Shiro only has 447k subs the songs are in my opinion really really good.

  • I keep listening to this song to

  • I broke up with my boyfriend and I keep going to his door

  • Its even better than the original version

  • His voice omg
    Me: I want a boyfriend
    Mom: no your not

  • 2020???

  • Hi

  • Well since im already here,
    I will tell you why im hearing this….
    I had a friend well he was more then a friend to me he was my crush his name a khen but I call him kuya(kuya means big bro in philippines)or dextor,dex,kuya see or kuya dads….Well we would ALWAYS hang out …..yesterday he made a promise …."I have a big promise…okay We will always be friends and hang out….we will smile and laugh together " he said as he left the game..
    Today he ignored me and our friends…..He explained "Sorry i changed I cant bw frienda with you guys…". He ignored us and that was the last thing he told me……We wont talk anymore…..
    I mean whats the point of doing EVERYTHIMG i did for him to like me if he is just ganna…..😭😭😭…..ignore me…..I have lots of friends……But even losing one of them is a life out….They did their part in my life…it was his choice but why did he have to do that…..It broke my heart cause I…..did things for him I joined his group.. I went angry on the people he was mad at or the people who made him sad….idk what to do…..I wish he wouldn t because he was THE NICEST guys i met on the school and no one will be like him…now listening to sad songs and crying about it….I wish we could see each other in the future and just i will just cry infront of him..And look at him in they EYES deeply while walking away…

  • 0:29
    He is bogest

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • BellBell

    Author Reply

    Guilty Crown nice anime ♡

  • 0:43

  • Shu and inori…

  • Good

  • Listen 75%

  • You put love instead of laugh buy I love it

  • nice song

  • I love it is my favorite house

  • Your skin isn't paper,
    don't cut it
    Your face isn't a mask,
    don't hide it
    Your size isn't a book,
    don't judge it
    Your heart isn't a door,
    don't lock it
    Your neck isn't a hanger,
    don't hang it
    Your head isn't a target,
    Don't shoot it
    Your life isn't a film,
    don't end it”

    Don't self harm, it doesn't do you any good.
    Your story is an inspiration, be proud of it.
    You are beautiful.

  • Does anime speaks english? xD

  • These are so much sadder with the switching vocals. The pictures really mean a lot too.

  • That girl in the right is looks like satsuki

  • This brings me memories back again when i was a 7yr old :|?i syill have this pic that I screenshot:>?

  • I Love it Wonderful

  • We don't talk anymore and Perfect Strangers qwq?–

    Is this a mash up?—

  • Я которая безнадёжно листаю вниз пытаясь найти русский комент😂👌

  • aw they don't talk anymore 😥😥

  • It's been 3 years and i still come back to listen this nigthcore…

  • My and my bae fav song

  • so this is why you're popular


  • 1:33 was my favorite part