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Today we’ll see what happens when NA LCS Echo Fox’s Lourlo doesn’t use a good gameplan in solo queue – right up until he changed it as Camille Top vs Lissandra.

Lourlo is a great player and to get great you have to make a lot of mistakes, here we can all learn from it this time around!

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  • Our Last Youtuber for 2018, what a year it's been.. All thanks to you guys!! And thank you Lourlo for inting! This replay was great to analyze 😍

  • Pro’s

    My brain hurts

  • Does Skill Capped really upload 12 guides each week? If no, what is the meaning of this sentence: "12 Guides Every Monday:"? If it is true, I am probably going to sign up :).

  • ur making me HORNY mcbaze.

  • How do you come up with a gameplan?

  • hello top LANERS, when u do stuff like this and DIE to enemy jungler dont flame ur jungler cuz clearly its ur god damn fault.

  • Lissandra is so weak that makes me wanna cry lol…even though camille was behind and made so many mistakes earlier in the game she was still able to kill lissandra easily just because of a small mistake lissandra made….and ad bruisers complain about balance lmao

  • Pls just stop this ranged toplaner mode xD

  • is this win trading?

  • for the last lissandra part, I would have went and ward the river, is that a bad decision.

  • NA only very few can play top at high level lourlo isnt one of them

  • Maybe a guide on how to have good farm but still get kills as a jungler

  • Sorry, but your logic of Liz being a control mage, SONA is a control mage, and Soraka is a grade above her in control mage. Liz has one stun outside of her ultimate and a short slow. Sona has slow and a stun, while Soraka has slow, silence and root.
    On lane Liz plays like more like Udyr, an AD bruiser.

    What he was doing was trying to whittle Liz down to reduce early lane pressure before she'd have access to W, this is common and simple method of easing Liz's early game advantage.
    You don't take simple mindgames into consideration at all. Giving one kill away in a matchup you know is nothing when you can get 2 out of them becoming overconfident, this is really, really common toplane.

  • 1:30 makes no sense lol the ranged wants to freeze the wave so therefore they don’t want to get frozen on. Lourlo is trying to let the wave push to him to set up a freeze, how is this bad? You say it will push anyways but that’s assuming the ranged lanes messes up which is not a good way to lane

  • Video on how to make good Barron and/or Dragon calls?

  • BuraiBurai

    Author Reply

    great video

  • Great video but you sound a bit bored 😄

  • Because the level that they're playing at is so high, can you really call it bad gameplay rather than suboptimal?

  • when will u do vid about Faker ?

  • This is even better than when the commentary about correct plays and way more entertaining.

    Your effort is appreciated in making the video I ll watch it couple of times

  • That apostrophe to make a plural in the thumbnail DansGame

  • make more video plz i love to watch

  • M WM W

    Author Reply

    melee vs ranged is jsut hard to play for some ppl (me included) i think you guys should make more guides on how to play melee vs ranged without any jank early (such as a random early cheeze, or starting with a unconventional ability)

  • Conclusion, Liss is an idiot.

  • AkaliAkali

    Author Reply

    I don't have a game plan every game, i just wing it

  • This channel is singlehandedly savinging NA from becoming a wildcard region.

  • NA challenger lul

  • I want more of these! Its great to see the right thing to do, but to many of us its difficult to spot exactly what crucial mistakes we might be making. Some of the mistakes shown in the video are kind of subtle if you aren't looking for them and difficult to fix without seeing them for yourself. I think they are just as helpful as the videos where you analyze the best course of action.