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People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

► People Who Engaged In Incest, Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Come on over to Judaism where cousins and step-siblings
    aren't considered incest (but premarital sex is a big no-no,
    so the kind of shenanigans y'all get up to aren't a thing).
    According to Dr. Google, cousin babies will be fine, btw.

  • I'm pretty sure most of these are fake,


  • That's why i stay away from people
    I mean what is wrong with you?!!!

  • The comments section is moved again

  • Why did 11:02 get on the sex offenders registry?

  • All these ppl gonna have the fbi on them

  • Ain't no lifeguard in this gene pool.

  • confederate flag

  • Why. Why are people like this. Jesus would be so disappointed

  • bruh what

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  • Always fun to hear Siri talk about his incest story’s

  • lol you people are so fucked hahahaha

  • 10:30 gives a whole new meaning to sugar daddy

  • Wait a minute, I feel some details are left out at 11:03, like something is seriously wrong here

  • y'all make me SICK!
    y'all make me


  • J RJ R

    Author Reply

    okay now I regret watching reddit copy pastas with all the fucked up recs. fucking people. fuck.


    ඔයා හොඳින්දමම ඇසුවෙමි

  • What is NSFW??? 🤔

  • here from noel no weird stuff

  • 7:29 WTF!?

  • My siblings and I are adopted. I could still never see any of them that way. Just nope

  • I have a cousin brother! My mother adopted him from my aunt though his mother, my aunt, married her first husband father. So my cousin brother was his own uncle and had a grandpa daddy. Lol

  • How can we make this even creepier? Oh, I know, lets make a british robot read them out loud!

  • Am I the wierd one? There's so much of these wierd shit that I wonder if I'm the wierd one for cringing at this

  • actually .. assholes too!

  • pigs

  • It only counts as incest if it’s a cousin, sibling, parent, grandparents, uncle, aunt, or anyone directly related to you. Second cousin, great-uncles/aunts, step-siblings etc. don’t count as incest in my book.

  • Me: sees title
    Ronnie Van Zant: comes back to life SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!!!!

  • White people….

  • Stepdad and stepdaughter fucks while mom is sleeping.

  • My mum and dad are cousins

  • Therapists seeing this thread: it's free real estate

  • Crazy how fucked up people can be

  • Reddit:"this…is incest"
    Me:" DEAR GOD!"
    Reddit:"there's more"
    Me:" NO! "

  • Okay but why is the thumbnail Marjorie from GOT instead of Cersei… Marjorie’s brother way gay lmao

  • We really need to reintroduce the concept of shame back into society.

  • Why does this video make me feel like I've had a normal life?!

  • What the actual

  • Cousins, aunts, sister Family love is Awesome

  • Fkn wipipo 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Yes! I was able to inherit Spain,Austria and Germany 600 years ago because of it!

  • The one about the guy who slept with his half sister and ended up on the registry is sad

  • The second to last long story I have hard time to beleave that the sister doesn't remember almost anything but that they were close if they were doing it every time they saw and she clearly liked him if she said to her mother that she wanted to marry him. You don't forget fooling around multiple times with someone that is your relative and you love/loved in not so relative way. Also I think she knows he loves her to this day, what would she think his motivation would be to go along in breaking up with her boyfriends and other ridiculous selfish stuff that goes way beyond what you would do for your sister.

  • I remember in middle school my friends mom picked us up after class one day. Her older brother(16yo) was also in the car and he begins to tell his mom about his new girlfriend. The mom soon realized the girl he was dating was a their cousin and she told him they should probably not date LMAO

  • If your having sex with your step sister or step brother it's not incest.