Plants vs. Zombies 2 Battlez – TOP TIPS

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Welcome to Plants vs Zombies 2 Battlez. Today I am sharing with you my Top Tips on how you can do better at Battlez and win more games

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  • This is the closesed vidio comment

  • Good choice for mentioning wall nut and tall nut cuz that’s me

  • Can you please do a video of plant strategys not tips????!!!!😃😃😃😕😕😕😳😳😳💙💙💚💚💛💛💜💜❤❤👍👏👌

  • How to get more seed packets? Any good tips?

  • Use citron to get more than 100,000 points often and infi-nut and maybe get more than 200,000 or 300,00 during a booster mania
    Words of advice for battles/arena

  • Eascape roots a excellent choice it helps blow up and also can switch plants

  • Why are you sponsored by EA, you monster

  • Just use double sunflower and magnifying grass and keep using plant food on double sunfire, this set is pretty solid unless there are zombirs that can block or redirect your shot.

  • I've played arena without any premium plants and I had no trouble winning battlez

  • I just need gauntlets

  • Just spam some reapeater and fire peashooter

  • Primal Potato Mine is really good too (ESPECIALLY IF LEVELED UP). It's cheap, powerful. fast arming time, moderately fast recharge rate.

    The Shadow Family (Moonflower, Dusk Lobber, Shadow Peashooter, Shadow-Shroom) A powered dusk is very powerful since it can target 3 lanes. A cluster of them can eliminate zombies in the high score zone. Powered Shadow Peashooter can greatly damage all zombies in its lane, combine it with dusk Lobber. Shadow-Shrooms aren't that great but its plant food effect can eliminate heavy armored zombies with ease.

    Best effect with Conceal-mint (I use them often)

  • This time, this is called Arena instead of Battlez.

  • pvz2 online are very easy… all the league i get number 1 but… when i go to jade league i always face to face with pro peapole

  • What’s sad is that you start with no sun in this season.

  • I'm getting hypnoshroom I've got 98 gems for need 2 more gems

  • plz give me a lot of prooooo tips

  • How do you get more gauntlets

  • I think I got addicted to pvz cuz whenever a sun appeared in the video I tried to collect it XD

  • I have a tip


  • Thanks for the tips bro 😇

  • I know how to win battlez
    Only when all plants are powered up


  • 0:11 Zaya Cassidy is already playin' PvZ2???

  • Ur best friend in battlez are sunflower and potato mine
    Plant potato mine in the middle 3 lanes only
    Plant 1 sunflower in the top left corner
    Every time u have plant food, ALWAYS use it on potato
    Before game starts, plant 3 potato mine, 1 in each of the 3 middle lanes
    With these tips, u will ALWAYS win battlez

  • Рпвивчло

  • А гриптпв

  • Пролелапщм

  • Any tips for me? I can't buy plants so I have to rely on the ones you unlock. I need advice. Please T-T

    Plus I only recently got the game (like three days ago) and wasn't able to get a lot of event plants

  • I love you

  • Ok pots mine good

  • Разработчики plants vs zombies 2 вы бы не могли сделать эту игру с русским языком?

  • Why doesn't EA just sponsor zack? He plays this game alot more often than Zero

  • Lol I got 3 million Score on the boost

  • When the sun comes I feel like clicking it now it’s a habit

  • Best item is credit card LOL


    Author Reply

    New sub

  • This dude brought almost every plant so of course he is going to win

  • Me

  • If you guys want to know what plants I use , ask me , I get at least 800,000 points every time

  • For me, I usually go with Melon Plut or Winter Melon, Lightning Reed, Wall Nut, Cherry Bomb, Iceberg Lettuce or Stallia. If sun is limited, I would replace Iceberg Lettuce(Stallia) with Sun Bean or Sunflower. That got me to many wins

  • I just plant much explosion nuts and win

  • The best plant is the credit card plant it gives you really good plants

  • EA: you dont need to pay to win

    Just give me your credit card number and buy multiple plants

  • Blover is pretty good.

  • Thanks! I reaaally want the electric pea shooter so bad! Like omg!