Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time – 2 – Ancient Egypt: Sun God

Enjoy this Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time – Ancient Egypt gameplay on the Apple iPad/iPhone!
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Name: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time
Developer(s): PopCap Games
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Series: Plants vs. Zombies
Engine: PopCap Games Framework
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Release date(s): iOS – AUS July 9, 2013, INT August 15, 2013 Android – CHN September 12, 2013, AUS October 2, 2013, INT October 23, 2013
Genre(s): Tower defense
Mode(s): Single-player


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  • This game looks sooo different now

  • I remember, when this game came out, I can smartly plan a strategy, then came dinosaurs. Modern day. Big wave beach, well if you played the game you should know by now that well

  • I eat plantfood

  • You can get your sun back buy killing the ra zombie

  • Sun Stealers have the exact same amount of hp as the basic zombies.

  • His impression of Crazy Dave is clearly from him watching Eddie Murphy too much

  • you can use a plant food on other plants

  • The sunflower gives lots of sun with plant food. The wall-nut(i call them potatos) have more health and the potato mine throws 2 more mines.

  • IT COST 1,000 SUN 8:30

  • I miss the old map, it looks better…

  • plant food the sun flower and the wall nut also potato mine please i will like this ***

  • in a samsung you can get 50 sun of evrything

  • I only plat 1 row of sunflowers

  • I remember this map 🗺 type

  • plant no ssz

  • what console is he playing?

  • modern day is last u dumb

  • is it chinesse version

  • You are so funny when you tolk like crazy dave

  • THE defences on the wall not last all time

  • i hate freemium fuck you EA

  • His Crazy Dave voice sounds EXACTLY like Mushu from Mulan!

  • I'm on Frosbite Caves

  • I keep tapping the screen to get suns.

  • DeadDead

    Author Reply

    the cabage pult cost 100 sun not bucks

  • Man, so much has changed since then. Sun gives 50 sun instead of 25, the map has changed to a more linear style, and you don't need ridiculous amounts of keys. Also, there are now many new worlds and Zombosses for each world.

  • cabbage + food = all zombies get cabbaged

  • I have FAR FUTRE

  • sunflower + plant food = LOADS OF SUN

  • Mack me a koopa and send me a friend request on feacbook hear my feacbook name ETHAN carciofini Leonard

  • koops just to let u know the zombies that steal your sun are called Ra zombies

  • What happens to Reggie bush running back

  • The Cabbage-Pult! I love that one 😀

    But we need the DOOM-SHROOM! XD

  • You don't now what's coming.

  • Koops always use plant food on all the plants go watch a vid of all power uped plants from a youtuber

  • Your video's are awesome, very well organized 🙂

  • koops you are so awesome broseff virtual high five

  • No you don't wanna hope coins have more uses because it is a pain in the ass to gather up 210000 coins to buy that tall nut with the discount in the Chinese version and it'll be even more pain in the ass to gather up 460000 coins to buy the winter melon which is free with coins in the u.s. version