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/r/Anime Sings – Paradisus Paradoxium (Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai OP 2)

Ohayo! I’m new to the r/anime community and I wanted to share a bit of one of my favorite anime OP of all time! I had lots of fun mixing all of your voices into this song! I hope it turned out great and hope you enjoyed it!
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Organizer: Shamak! [/u/LevelAngjoel]

Singers: AnimeXrosser, Blablablablitz, cerezaku, Chronoterminus, Eragonoon, gandalf_senpai, habattack00, KmDz98, myhome1207, Quote_Cannon, sasaikoiwahara, Sefuuku, sgt_who, short_input, SoThatsPrettyBrutal, TheBestOtaku, weakvocals, xMissingName, ZTN

Song: Paradisus Paradoxum – MYTH AND ROID
歌: Paradisus Paradoxum – MYTH AND ROID

We do not own anything uploaded to this channel – /r/Anime Sings. We only have ownership of the voices that appear in our covers – which are of course attributed to their respective persons. All rights go to the original song creators and associates.
※ このチャンネル「/r/Anime Sings」のアップロードしたものは何も所有しません. 参加者や歌手たちは自分の声を所有しています。「所有するライセンスと権利」は本来の人を所有します.


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