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Ravensword Shadowlands – Grim Pass "Unobtainable" Chest VOL. 2

EDIT 2018-07-02: So I thought I’d update this video with a little bit of trivia about this game. Basically the rare swords (Death, Skull, Eye, maybe a few others) have a random chance to be in chests throughout the game world, swords like the Death and Eye swords typically reside in the Grim Pass whereas the Skull sword is in the Tanglewood Marshes. So if you go through the Grim pass and don’t get either of these swords, they probably won’t show up for your entire playthrough. Just thought I’d clear things up.

Now with crappy commentary

Somebody commented on my other video telling me that after you complete the game there is something different inside this chest. I decided to check this out and it is indeed true. So I’ve made a new video on how to get this chest without using the ring of jumping. This makes the chest slightly more worth it.

To do this, you’ll need to max out the “Acrobatics” talent. Once you get to the chest, you’ll find that inside is a powerful sword called the Eye Sword, it does 70-210 damage which compared to the Ravensword’s 85-255 damage makes it the second or third most powerful sword in the game.


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  • So from comments that people have obtained the Death and Eye swords prior to completion of the game, it would be fair to say that completion has no impact regarding chest contents?

  • HeresHeres

    Author Reply

    Hello umm… I can't find the celler that Erik told me. Can you show me how?

  • Awesome video, thanks you!

  • I am sorry to say that we cannot hear you

  • Thx now I have two of those swords

  • Thanks man I got the eye sword

  • It did not work on me

  • I play mobile and I beat the main quest and when I went here to get the chest it gave me a little gold and a strong energy potion

  • I’m guessing your playing on Ouya? If so, this may be different than pc or mobile.

    I am a PC player and I’ve beaten the game 2 times on mobile and many times on pc.

    I occasionally play on my modded save, I like to make custom swords and things like that. Ravensword is hard to mod since it is not an open file game. I have found the 1.1 items in the files. Anyways, the 1.1 update was the update were the death sword was added.

    Here is a list of changes in update 1.1:

    Death sword and Skull sword added in-game*

    Bearskin armour and crimson garb armour added in-game*

    Bug fixes*

    New chest in grim pass*

    New chest in tanglewood marsh*

    New chest in south aven*

    So the chance for the death sword to be in either chest in grim pass is 25%.

    And the skull sword is in the tanglewood marsh and has a 1% chance of being in the chest that the gem sword is usually in, it can also be found in one of the caves there.

    Crimson garb armour has a 1% chance of being in a chest, but the chest location is unknown. Nobody has it. And I assume it is either in the shadowlands or in the realm of the ancients.

    Bearskin armour has a 25% chance of dropping from a certain enemy or being found from a chest in the same place.
    I assume it is in the elder grizzly bear cave that is next to the realm of the ancients, because the cave was added when the realm of the ancients was added. So the bear probably drops the armour or a chest in the cave contains a piece.

    Crimson garb has 3 pieces and each spawn separately. Location is unknown.

    Bearskin armour has three pieces and each spawns separately. Location is probably the elder grizzly bear cave.

    Death sword is a rare sword that can possibly be obtained from two grim pass chests.

    And the skull sword is in the tanglewood marsh but the location isn’t entirely determined. The stone heads there probably have something to do with it.

    Crimson garb helm: 27 Armour

    Crimson garb pauldrons: 23 Armour

    Crimson garb torso:55 Armour

    Bearskin armour helm: 25 Armour

    Bearskin armour pauldrons: 20 Armour

    Bearskin armour torso: 52 Armour

    There is about 20 players who have the death sword, and only 2 who have the skull sword, no one has the bearskin armour or crimson garb armour.

    Do more ravensword videos and please hunt down the these items, there is not much ravensword players left and we have to find the last of these incredibly rare items.

    These stats are from the pc version.
    Drop rates may vary depending on the version.

    Thanks and great video! I have subscribed and hope to see more Ravensword stuff, maybe even the new Ravensword game that will come out soon!

  • I've gotten eye and death pre completion of the quest line on my first time playing

  • Hi sir is it really random? I got only potion from this chest

  • H.47H.47

    Author Reply

    thanks man I have got deathsword from that box but in a previous attempt with a different character I got got eye sword the question is can we obtain all swords or is it simply the limited amount of swords you got from those chests?

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