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RESET Windows 10 password, No software used. Do it like a pro!

Link: You can try PassFab 4WinKey (  to remove and reset Windows user/admin password easily, no need reinstall system

Setting up an office network:
OLD WiFi Router as Wifi Repeater | WiFi Extender | Access Point
Let’s Reset any windows 10 forgotten password, without using any software, pure skill only. Have fun and enjoy!!!
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If this trick does not work for you, Check my video on how to reset a forgotten password using LIVE CD HBCD bootable device!:
Completely remove viruses from your computer:

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  • AamirAamir

    Author Reply

    Does it also work with Windows Server 2019?

  • So I tried it but after getting to where I am suppose to use command prompt it did not come up again

  • RavenRaven

    Author Reply

    omg thanks i got into the laptop that i just stole

  • Worked for me! You're a lifesaver!!!

  • Целую твою руку

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks mate!

  • It didn't work for me.

  • Thanks for the help mannnn!!

  • System Image Recovery isn't listed on advanced options anymore.

  • Thanks it works

  • But there’s no file called utilman but only utildll.dll is found…. what to do now

  • Morning. It still requires my microsoft outlook password

  • This doesn't work, the C: drive (or OS volume) isn't accessible using this method, there is some fuckery going on in this video.

  • Hi thanks for sharing this video. But after returning the original names of the files I lost all my password in chrome. Why did it happen like that??

  • Thank you so much it worked out for me!

  • Dude just hold shift and restart the pc it will go to repair mode

  • Worked for me; cheers brother! – After reading a few comments however; when the video tells you to restart your computer so many times, HOLD SHIFT whilst restarting ^_^ Other than that great job man.

  • But when į do that it tells Me to put in password to do the tings

  • No longer works on windows 10!, and Holding Shift and clicking Restart, does work better.

  • All went well until I went to change the names back to original and keep getting an error

  • you are a genius thanks

  • I want to dislike because of the trend even tho it kinda helped me but there were 666 dislikes soooooooo

  • Thank u bro…its really working but little bit confusing in last process

  • Thanks bro… This video is very helpful.. thank you

  • I am 74 and forgot my PW. I tried your method, and got as far as System Image Recovery and it wants an ADMIN account. What I had issues with was my Personal account. What can I do? This is my Last straw! I need help as an older man.

  • changed the names of system 32 files. but when i go to command prompt and type in user with user name and * all i get is "dns server not authorative for zone" and nothing about password in order to change, help!

  • dos it still vork

  • Ive changed cmd file to utilman and utilman to utilmana.. but now i cant change it to back . Windows says, trustedinstaller wont give permission to change the name. Kindly replay

  • I got up to systems32 box. However, it says DNS server not authorized for zone. Any suggestions.

  • Ok! I'm here at the retype the password but it's giving me system error 8646 has occurred!!!

  • After clicking S I Recovery it is telling me to choose an account to continue what should I do then?