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Hey look it’s that abridged thing I tried to do monthly but completely failed. Today you get all of Re:Zero in a shiny 8 minute little package.
Anime in Minutes Playlist:


OyobiWSTH: Subaru
Naomified: Rem
Sydsnap: Emilia, Betty, Elsa
MinaMinaVA: Ram, Priscilla, Felt
RedAsATomato: Felix, Crusch
Gigguk: Julius, Extra Voices
Viewtiful Valentine: Extra Voices
Sebastian Todd: Extra Voices
TheGreatKaitsu: Extra Voices

Edited by: Bakashift/Gigguk

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  • i always get that feeling of deja vu

  • "And we'll never see her again!"

    Well, someone hasn't read the Light Novel

  • Looking forward to season 2 in a nutshell.

  • RyannRyann

    Author Reply

    Who's rem?

  • with subtitles on this is absolute gold

  • Watching this now , because season 2 is released after a long time and i have blurry memory about season 1 😂😂 .
    After this i will watch Ep 1 of season 2

  • 4 years after this, finally a Season 2 and straight into in the "Who's Rem" shit again, oh boy the suffer never ends

  • Can you make my hero academia please😍😍❤️

  • I love it that im basically using this as a Story summary before i start watching Season 2 xD

  • now we finally have the meme in the anime
    mission completed

  • eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee

  • 7:52

    (2016) Subaru : Who's rem?

    (2020) Emilia : Who's rem?

  • That who's rem hits so hard rn

  • season 2 is airing now

  • Me after watching the first episode of season 2:

    W H O' S R E M ?

  • Ram : “the difference between us is that nobody gives a shit about me” that shit had me dyyiinnggg

  • lg621lg621

    Author Reply

    "Who's Rem?"

  • So we're gonna get part 2 after this?

  • re:zero S3 make me come here once again

  • "Who's Rem?"

    Watching the first episode of season 2 reminded me of this and I laughed so much

  • crepcrep

    Author Reply

    this video removed all of my anxiety from this anime

  • lol who watching this just before they are going to watch episode 1 or Re:Zero season 2

  • “Who do you think is the biggest dickhead in the world? Don’t even think about it. Just say it.”
    “Ready? 1…2…3…”
    Both: “You.”
    him: “Did we just become bestfriends?”

    And that guys is how to find your bestfriend

  • "i'm a boy"
    "no you're fucking not"

  • 7:52 i got an spoiler that i didn't even know it was a spoiler

  • Lmao time to rewatch after ep 1 of season 2

  • Season 2 just came out and already the 1st episode rem has already been forgotton. (That weird creepy that plays whenver rem is forgotton intensifies)

  • Watching this to recap before season 2

  • For those who clicked this video in July 2020, you know why you're here

  • ok 😐

  • AgAg

    Author Reply

    "Who's Rem?"

  • R.N.CR.N.C

    Author Reply

    Bet those anime watchers finally get the "who's Rem" joke now

  • Man, that "Who's Rem?" joke aged very well.

  • "who's rem" bro this forshadow is insane

  • After watching the first ep. of the new season the "Who is Rem " joke is so much better.!!

  • Subaru:…Can it wait after that?
    Subaru:Thank god…… I do love Emilia Though
    I just couldnt hold it there XDDD 6:25

  • Here after Season 2 started.
    "Who's Rem."
    He had no Idea how close he was with that quote at the end.


    Author Reply

    Nice now i can watch season 2

  • Watching this is on the release day of season 2

  • wHoS rEm

  • Rewatching this so im caught up for season 2

  • idk how or why this acc did summarise it well.

  • Well gigguk it’s time to watch the 2nd season