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  • WTH with that last one? "Turns out one of the guys…" WHAT?

  • The one about the friend who hid his depression by always being online and planned on killing himself broke my heart ;(

  • As gross as it was Robbie pikton had the right idea. His still a really bad evil man but he had a right idea.

  • When I was about 19 or so, back in the early 1980s, I would go fishing at a slough on the Sacramento River, way out a road there in the bottomlands of farming country. I used my moped to get there. One evening I was just about to wrap up my fishing trip when a couple of guys pulled up in a johnboat and were eyeing me as they began hauling it out of the water and up to their pickup truck. Now, I was a rather oblivious kid but that day I had a REALLY bad feeling, and went right to my moped and headed down the road in the deepening gloom. I knew the area very well and I had the presence of mind to turn off my taillight and point the headlight up into the sky. I soon saw the truck's headlights behind me in the distance and they were swinging back and forth as they swerved all over looking for where I'd gone.

     Soon I was up to where a large ranching/almond farming outfit had their outbuildings. The pickup was back a ways below a rise and not visible. I took the opportunity to zip into the driveway and behind the outbuildings, directly behind the almond drying tower. One of the foremen saw me there and came out to demand what I was doing trespassing. I pointed to the road, where the truck was now visible in the distance, and told him that I was being followed and didn't want to be found. He nodded and said I could stay until I felt it was safe. I waited a while until full darkness and then zipped back across the road and walked my moped for over half a mile through farmland in case they were waiting along the road somewhere. Eventually I came out to a road that I knew I could take over to the main highway and I did, then headed home. Never told my parents until recently.

    TL;DR Saw two sketchy guys at a fishing spot; I left and they tried finding me for probably nefarious purposes. I hid and got away.

  • My family and I were at a beach on the west coast on a cloudy grey day (I was about 10) my little sister was probably 4? My sister and I were standing facing the ocean close enough for the water to cover our knees. I looked at the incoming wave and immediately realized it would be too tall for her and screamed at her to run but knew she wouldn't be able to run fast enough. I sprinted over to her, grabbed her, and dropped to my knees just before the wave hit. The water pushed us against the sand and after that all I remember is running to my parents with my sister in my arms crying. I handed her off to my parents and just sat in shock at what had just happened. it wasn't until a little later I realized she was almost taken by the ocean, she wouldn't have been able to resist the current and swim back to safety

  • This wasn’t serious my one day after eating lunch I immediately bolted to the living room. My living room leads out to the backyard and there was a window. Idk why I pounced on the window and there right there was a heroine with its beak in my pond. I own lots of koi (more then a few hundred) and these birds always come and eat my fish

  • I get this feeling all the time but nothing ends up happening. I never know when to trust it.

  • 8 PM on a Monday night in early May, 2016. My mom gets an awful feeling that she needs to get to the nursing home right that second to see my adoptive grandma- her adoptive mom (we say adoptive but it's a found family sort of thing- I had met Ms. Helen when I was 3 and saw her more than either of my biological grandmothers). It was past visiting hours, but my mom didn't care. She trusted her gut and gunned it to the next town over.
    My grandma died within an hour. But because of my mom, she didn't die alone.

  • Basically trust your hunch and keep a lookout always, even if it's nothing still keep caution.

  • My step dad got drunk and we had to go home and I rode with him I had a feeling that he was going to crash so when we were going the roads were hilly and there was a lot of turns on one turn.going 60mph we drifted into a tree

  • my mom has saved my dads life so many times from just gut feelings. this wasn't life saving but my absolute FAVORITE story. when I was about 11 she didn't let my dad give me a ride before work on his motorcycle because she said "it feels like today is the last time I'll see that bike in our garage" and my dad brushed it off but didn't give me a ride anyways. a few hours later the cops show up at our house and the bike is totaled in the middle of the road, but no sign of my dad. we called him and he didn't pick up. my mom didn't seem scared at all and asked me to call his work phone. he picked up like everything was normal. he was still at work and was very unaware of what happened to his bike (and unhappy when he found out.) but the cops checked cameras and what happened is that some guys tried to steal my dads bike, but instead of putting it on a trailer,,,,,, they just,,,,,,, tied a rope to the handlebars and dragged it out of the parking garage and a few miles on the street they probably deemed it unsaleable and cut the rope before they got the cops called on them. lucky for my dad he got a new bike AND free clout, as his favorite biker youtuber was in that exact spot after it happened and almost got what happened exactly right lol. is the link to the video, and the action starts around 5:39

  • DaksDaks

    Author Reply

    I’m lucky to have a mother who has always told me to listen to my gut. Thankfully so far, I haven’t had such big incidents where I needed to listen. These parents who don’t listen to their children’s concerns make my blood boil.

  • I’m curious if there is any difference between these feelings and unconscious biases, which are similar but always incorrect and should be ignored at all times

  • When I was 12 years old someone tries to mug me, I was prepared before he draws his gun I run like hell searching for a place to hide.

  • SageSage

    Author Reply

    Hey y'all if you're on a motorcycle going to pick someone up, bring another helmet. Even if it's a motocross helmet, just take the visor off because wind. I don't care if it's a bicycle helmet and you look stupid. Helmets are good.

    My cousin used to wear this bicycle helmet on the 6 wheeler even though we don't wear helmets on it (I have no idea why, we wear helmets for everything else and he had a perfectly good mx helmet). Well, when he was like 11 driving around with my other cousin, they drove past the old bull barn and spooked a deer which jumped through the window and kicked him in the head. That helmet probably saved his life.

  • That is so messed up that a family member knew that that one guy was a pedophile and you were still allowed to be alone with him!
    Parents need to learn to trust their children’s instincts. When I was little I was told to listen to my elders and that meant all adults. So instead of learning how to be a little girl I was being abused and groomed and taught to ignore those red flags. This person was a close trusted family friend!!

  • I remember the time when i was a toddler i was just talking with my father about basketball and i was mixing all his mentioned basketball players until i came with michael jordan and i was like is he a basketball player? And he was like he's the number 1 basketball player and i was like i predicted something? In my mind for now its still weird when i think about it

  • When I was younger a friend and I were playing in the pool near the side of the house and it looks a bit like storms but we thought nbd its going around. We stayed in it till a little bit later and my dad told us to go on and get out. We hadn't even reached the porch yet when a MASSIVE tree fell on the pool and crushed it to bejesus. I always wonder how he just knew something was going to happen, I don't even remember the wind blowing that hard?

  • I am not like other people and my reality is ahh different then others….i dont have seizures either

  • I remember when I was at primary school (That's an elementary school for all the Americans out there)
    There was this massive tree. It was the biggest at the school and we could climb on it!
    I remember while hanging out with my friend I had a bad feeling about the branch we where sitting on. So we climbed off
    1 day later I was told the branch was very loose, and If I chose not to get down I could have died…

    I could have fallen off a tree!

  • One of those guys what?

  • That last one…”turns out one of those guys”…well, what happened??? How could you cut it off at that point? Geez.

  • Thank you for the good content..I also try to do this 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Poor guy who was in the back and thought he might have heard faint screaming. It wasn't his fault. Yet, he blames himself.

  • I have a BIG question to ask about these Reddit stories 😯🤔 What's the percentage of these Reddit story tellers are Caucasian 😧🤔😮😦😳😳

  • A good way to scare of someone following you is to turn towards them and run at them and reach into your pocket . They’ll probably fuck off real quick you just got to put crazy the crazies . Bonus points if you make a blank face while doing it .

  • janis joplin

  • Throughout my life, so far I've had three family members die (I'm 16). The first one was my great-grandma (I was somewhere between 7-10). All day that day I had this weird feeling like "something's going to happen today, I know it", later my dad sat me down and told me that my great-grandma passed away in her sleep. She lived three states away, so it broke my heart even more because we didn't have the money to have a proper funeral for her.

    The second death was my dad's best friend, my Uncle Ron. He died when I was around 10-12. All day at school that day, I had this feeling in my gut that something was wrong. My dad picked me up that day from school, and told me that my Uncle Ron had died that morning. He had a brain tumor and the surgery went well and he died of an infection he got in the wound. He gave me back all of the drawings I sent him, and told me that Ron said that they made his time in the hospital much better for him. That's how I knew he was gone.

    The last one, and most recent one, was on my mom's side of the family. I was a freshman in high school (13), and my mom was with my Papa in hospice while my dad was at work. My friend was supposed to pick me up to go to school during the time my Papa was in hospice, because we had no definite time frame for how long he had. We thought he'd last longer, but he'd already gotten two extra years after a doctor who diagnosed him with leukemia gave him 6 months. That morning, it wasn't a vague feeling like the other two. As soon as I woke up, my eyes snapped open and my first thought was, "Papa's going to die today." Lo and behold, my parents pulled me out of school early that day to tell me that my Papa had died in hospice.

    To this day, I still can't explain it. I think it might be a clairvoyance thing or something similar because it was a complete and total shock to everyone else. I was the only one who knew that he was going to die THAT DAY. But whatever it is, I guess it helped dull the pain a little bit, because after my initial reaction, I wasn't nearly as broken-up about it as everyone else, so much so that my mom thought I didn't care. I still cry about it to this day, the worst part about it being that I couldn't prevent any of the deaths I predicted.

  • Yo, hold up, excuse me?? A family member knew that man was a pedophile and the family was still like; "Yep. This is a solid dude right here. Let's invite him to isolated areas with our children!?" What THe HELL?!

  • Late in 2018 I ended up getting a very bad feeling from my then boyfriend. Later he turned out to be an abuser, and he treated me in ways that I’m still broken inside from. If you get a bad feeling from the person you’re dating or spot red flags, run in the opposite direction. It could save your life.

  • My channel will make you sad but that’s okay

  • My girlfriends friend took her car out for a drive to get food with 3 others. He said he would be back around 12 but never showed up. Turns out he crash the car and he was dead. The crash happened at 11:37 and I had woke up a minute after feeling weird. I had called her and told her I don’t feel right, I think he crashed your car or something and she said I’ll be fine I’m just bugging. The next morning I woke up to 37 missed calls because she had discovered he was dead and completely freaked the fuck out

  • Wait why steven is in the thumbnail?
    Steven universe future: ….oh

  • 18:23 "I told my mom he was weird and suspicious. She told me never judge a book by its cover." Um that's basically what the cover is for. Like if it has a picture of a dead body that book is most likely about a murder. Even books with just the title, you don't see a book titled dictionary open it up and find out it's a science fiction romantic comedy thriller.

  • The 11y/o kid whose dad drowned–you were eleven. An eleven year old.

  • To the guy that said if he had acted when he heard his moms screams that his dad would still be alive: That's not true. It is not your fault your dad drown. Weren't you a child still sweetie? I also think I heard you say he had drowned saving your brother. Please let yourself off the hook on this one. I am so sorry you've gone through such a horrendous experience and I sincerely hope you'll understand it was what was supposed to happen.. I believe it was a matter of it being your dad's time, you know? I also think your dad would want you to let it be and absolutely not want you to blame yourself. I really hope you read this and that you find some peace within about your loss and the events that took place.
    Take care and be safe 🙂

  • There is someone under your bed while you are sleeping.

  • Steeb is wrong now
    That's nice xd

    Seriously these reddit channels love SU thumbnails and I respect that.

  • The one with the boyfriend and motor cycle accident, Dawww he gave her his only helmet 🙂 thanks to him shes alive to tell the tale

  • not much of a danger story but here it goes.
    I have always been a psychic all my life.
    So I went into a restaurant to get some food right… and they didn't have anything I like. Normally I would just get something else, but this time something stopped me. I told my friend that I would just eat somewhere else. He ate at the place and I bought a can of pears so I didn't look stupid. I then went across the street to the mcdonalds. Very good food. When my friend ate at the restaurant he couldn't finish his meal because it was raw and undercooked. Always trust your gut.

  • One time we were doing fireworks for fourth for July, one of the big fireworks tipped over while it was sparkling getting ready to burst, me and my friends and my brother were there with my dad who set it up, I felt like something was ‘wrong……’ but I couldn’t see because it was dark, so I told my brother, dad, and my friends we gotta run, then fire works started shooting at everyone and everywhere, I ran for my life and started screaming, so did my friends, but we were fine.