Suggested Websites and books for C++

Suggested website and book for C++,C++11 and C++14
My C++ programming tutorial website itself is complete for learning C++ but,human always wants more so,here are some recommended links and suggested websites and books which you might enjoy if you check them out.

Websites reference

i) :: This website contains almost all the explanation of Standard library functions.


ii) If you want to know more about manipulating bitwise operators for performing some operations you can use this page


iii) If you want to know more about UNICODE then go to this page


iv) In C++ there is <fstream> library for inputting and outputting or manipulating text files ,but what about videos or image file ?. OpenCV is a library to manipulate video or image file and I find it easy to use their interface.You can go to it’s website to download the library and read the documentation for more information.



i) Thinking In C++ by Bruce Eckel,one of the best books of C++ . I simply love this book.To download this e-book go to this page you want a hard copy you can buy it from the Amazon,the link is provided below.


ii) From the creator of C++ “The C++ Programming Language” by Bjarne Stroustrup.I find it quite hard to read this book,I don’t know why.


iii) “Object Oriented Programming With C++” from the Indian author E Balagurusamy.This book will fill you in with some side information .As an example ,information about how to call another program using the integer value return by main( ) function ,can be found in this book.
iv):Effective C++ by Scott Meyers ,a great book! nothing more to describe it.
v):More Effective C++ again by Scott Meyers ,another great book.
vi):Primer C++ covers the basic almost everything of C++ and C++11.