Switch Pro Controller Mod – with custom cast parts!

Switch Pro Controller Mod – with custom cast parts// If you’re interested in seeing a custom modded switch controller, this is the video for you. After finally getting some molds set up for the switch pro controller its time to do some mods to it! Check it out!

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Replacement shells:
Super Nintendo –
Atomic Purple –
Smash Bros style –
Clear –
Ice Blue –
White –

Soldering Tools I use:
Soldering Iron used:
Flux used:
Wire use:
Dental Pick set:
Desolder Wick:

Other Helpful Tools:
Triwing Screw drive and Nintendo Gambits –
Basic Multimeter –
Precision Probes for Multimeter –
Precision file set –
Gorilla Super Glue –

Intro – Legend of Xela (@TheLegendOfXela) –

Music Credits:
Intro song by Tristan Lohengrin :

VGR – Super Smash Bros Brawl remix –

Chiptunemikey – Bob-omb Battlefield –

Rymdkraft – Vampire Killer –


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  • Could u do a video combining a Xbox one or ps4 controller with the Nintendo switch pro controller!

  • Guess what mate u got a new subscriber!

  • @rockergaming can you make a whole shell by molding it in silicone?

  • Sans controller sans controller

  • You are my inspiration

  • PlacoPlaco

    Author Reply

    A quide on how to do these custom casts would be so cool! I wish you could do that….like an in-depth guide…

  • This channel is fantastic and needs more viewers and subscribers. Although, more subscribers means less of a chance at winning your giveaways 😭😛

  • When I got a Super Switch shell it actually didn't fit quite as tight as the original shell

  • Have you done a cast of the pro controller face-plate shell before? I'm looking to do one myself. Do any of your videos cover this, or give an idea of how to approach it? Thanks.

  • My mod.

  • I love it, this video is great!

  • just found this channel, why is it so small? what the fuck youtube?!

  • Nintendo did it first. The layout was first done with the GC controller

  • C. JAC. JA

    Author Reply

    Very nice. Are you also able to add LEDs to spice it up a little?

  • Hot damn that's good! Now I need to mod my pro controller to match my switch. I have already changed the shell of my switch to match my ice blue N64.

  • I actually did a mod like this basically day one of having my pro controller, I also used the black oems since black and purple look cool and are my colors, I might use some of your techniques to cast new buttons though

  • I recently got into Xbox ecosystem for the first time in my life with the Xbox one s and I'm in love with the Xbox one controller you've got to do videos on it like lots of them all kinds of mods

  • Amazing Work!! I didn't think it was possible to Mod a Switch Controller

  • To anyone wondering if they should buy this and try it I would highly recommend it! Instillation is very easy in general. I’ve got about an hour in with the new shell, and I can firmly say it is better than the original IMO. What you’ll need is a Phillips #000 (#00 will work for the most part, but just to be sure go with #000) screwdriver, a prying tool (I used a flat head), and a bit of patience. The tips I can give you are: to be careful of the ribbon cables when opening, also when putting everything back together make sure to put the triggers back on then screw the backplate on. Overall very easy mod to make the pro controller look and feel a lot better. Just make sure to go slow and steady when working with the screws.

  • Looking into pro controller mods myself, I think I’ll grab one soon!

  • But can you make the sticks with the rubber and everything? 🤔

    If you actually can please show us, if not wouldn’t it be a cool challenge to learn?

  • Why is it so hard to find and buy custom colored pro controller buttons? I can find joycon and even gamecube but not procon. Is it just demand or is there another reason?

  • I have a request! Im sure you seen the elite switch pro controller mods, where they add the magnetic dpad in the place of default switch pro dpad. But due to how the dpad for the xbox and switch different design makes the elite dpad incompatible. What if you made the mold for top and bottom part of the pro switch controller. Place the magnetic dpad in the mold and pour resin in the bottom part to match the orginal base of the switch dpad. So them it would be responsive when pressing the directions. I believe it possible. I dont have the tools and experience to do so right now. This idea just hit me after watching your videos

  • Looks good!

  • Cool. Do you know if this would would with gamecube controller shell casting

  • It's the amount of work you put into each mod that keeps me coming back. Another dope episode. Do you have a link for Etsy page? And do you sell these custom buttons and grips you casted on there?

  • Another great mod as always

  • Xenoblade, not xenoverse.
    Nice though. 🙂

  • Nice job! Looks like it turned pretty sweet.

  • I was considering picking up some of these Switch Pro controller shells myself. They look like an easy and cool way to customize them. Of course you had to make yours even more awesome with customizing the handles too lol. Awesome video dude.

  • Always enjoy seeing your molding work! Lady Laci loves the color!! Oh wow, that swirled effect really came out nice!

  • I was looking for Switch Pro Controller Mod some months ago. Another great job from RockerGaming ! o(^▽^)o

  • Nice choice to have kept the balck buttons 🙂 The grips looks fantstic, really loved how the two tones turned out!

  • Banjo inspired GC controller coming up?

  • Great stuff thanks for posting. That blue looks great

  • Only found this channel yesterday, but I love it a lot already. You work so hard for this channel, it isn't gonna be that surprising when you make it big on YouTube. Godspeed!

  • Tooo Dope I really need to start casting soon

  • Great video. Love to see the casting stuff. Gives me hope on possibly getting my US Sega Saturn Virtua stick repaired. The balltop stick got bent in shipping and I can not seem to find a replacement part.

  • I did the Shell Swap on my Pro Controller (Jungle Green) and added on the Elite Controller Mod, but i did something wrong on the D-Pad as it doesnt work well. I did the Ice Blue for the Joy Con Shell Swap.

  • Awesome, like the colors 🙂

  • Nice controller! The colors look great! At the beginning I was like: well it's only a shell replacement… but then you mentioned casting some new handles and I was: Ok now you're talking! I would have chosen the same shell with your custom handles and buttons in swirly red but that's because I'm a fan of Spider-Man lol! Great video and keep up the good work!

  • This is a great little YouTube channel.

  • Super nice 🙂


    Author Reply

    The blue and black really fits the controller, but how would a dark red and black look (plz try that combination😉)

  • The controller looks absolutely sick, just like your other one’s. But I’m not gonna lie… the handle molds looked like fleshlights.(sry had to say it)