The Beginner's Guide to Potions in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Potions are essential for getting the upper hand in combat. Get a quick rundown of the early game potions, as well as some essential tips that will save you time and effort.

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  • JyoJyo

    Author Reply

    Why my potions ha stopped refilling even after meditation anybody have this problem

  • Geralt? No no no, it's Geralt.

    All jokes aside, loved the video. Quick, to the point, and very informative. Finally getting into Witcher 3 and there is so much information to comprehend. Thanks!

  • Guess what, it doesn’t fucking matter he pronounced Geralt ‘Jeralt’. The vid was helpful

  • so basically you make the potion once and you can use it without crafting it again and again? thats sick.

  • Theme song in background?

  • I died when you pronounced my boy Geralt as Jeralt. Wtf man, have you even played the game?

  • Jerald?

  • But you don't show HOW to make an elixir. What do you click on?

  • Thanks for the guide!

  • I bet this guy pronounces gif with a J.

  • The thunderbolt option dosent show up under my potion section
    Though i had them before the griffin mission
    But when i ran out of them i cant find thaht option to brew lightning potion
    Isi it ok or not
    Will i have go find from somewhere else
    Please help me

  • I will need to get some erbs, otions, rmour and eapons.

  • It's funny how I loved this game and played it 24/7 when it came out but a few years from now I forgot so much things about it

  • They literally fucking call him by his name ALL THE DAMN TIME

  • Choose gourmet as skill and you'll never need swallow

  • So to get this straight, Jeralt needs to collect Erbs

  • I put items on consumables but when i press dpad up & dpad down i always use the left side of consumables, how to change it? I put potion in left & food in right

  • GianBGianB

    Author Reply

    Jeralt's potions xd

  • Hell… played 3 the second time, always bothered by the dark of caves, never knew Cat until just played Witcher 1.

  • AlecAlec

    Author Reply

    How does one get the name wrong when the game has voice acting??

  • I didn't make potions or oils until before that part where they lift Uma's curse in Kaer Morhen. I thought you had to craft them every time you wanted to make one, and those rare ingredients weren't worth the hassle lol, should've known better

  • Jeralt?!? Literally EVERYONE CALLS HIM GERALT!!!

  • "Jeralt"

  • ugh ever since they updated it you get non of these in the beginning 😮

  • The crafted potion etc. disappears from the list after you have made it. It’s more like an ‘unlock’ rather than craft that you see in other games like Skyrim. So unlock once and then meditate with alcohol in your inventory to replenish.

  • LekokLekok

    Author Reply

    Three years late but I play on second highest difficulty and never had to depend on potions.

  • Jerald? Ummmm OK…

  • Jeralt.

  • Thanks i needed that 😦

  • he said jeralt… literally unwatchable

  • Very helpful!!!

  • When i make a potion i cant do it again
    It disapears

  • i need to know how to excape the invintory tell me what button to press PS4

  • It would be cool if they added some new potions like invisible potion that just lasts a few mins but very benificial!!!

  • If they have the potion swallow do they also have the opposite , spit potion ???? :p

  • wait wait wait wait wait… ANY hard liquor? so not just Alcohalest or whatever?

  • JimmyJimmy

    Author Reply

    Let's read tooltips and call it a guide. Fuck gamespot.

  • how do i craft wolven hour

  • can i lower the toxicity co i can have a decoctation on me and use potions?


  • great game but I still can't craft shit. the mechanics are nowhere near as good as Skyrim.

  • I thought herb was pronounced herb

  • im having trouble finding "erbs"

  • What a shitty game this is. I literally bought this game thinking it's a good game just like halo 5 this is shit.

  • BoazBoaz

    Author Reply

    Thanks so much! next thing ima do is Make 10 million Cat potions because I'm scared in the dark XD

  • I am currently in that griffin bullshit and I don't even know how to use potion and heal myself