THE BEST LAID PLANS | Fleeing The Complex

Henry Stickman is BACK!! In the brand new Fleeing The Complex!

Escaping The Prison ►

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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Chou Gameplay Montage Inspired by Braxy Watch this maybe xD
The Snapdragon is INSANE! (Best Plant in PVZ 3!)
Good news guys, they made a Plants vs Zombies game based on World War II
  • It’s been so long and I’m still sad Jack missed the Paper’s Please reference

  • 2:48 where we all are

  • He said reference for most of the references and i was waiting for the avatar reference anD HE DIDNT MENTION IIIIT

  • Rip Jess the cycopath

  • this games version of quarantine is hilarious

  • Actually jacksepticeye is there when he let the people or prisoners go out , you need to be quick to see him

  • We didnt saw you your face thing is blocking it

  • (Glados)If I were you I would take a deep breath and hold it(weatly)ahh ooh rahh yat boooooooooooy (meme)

  • The cookie is from Alice and Wonderland.

  • The fake illness option is very ironic

  • I've beaten every one

  • Jack: Where the fuck am I now?
    Me: I dunno, it's too damn dark to see anythi- NO! JACK, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE!!
    Game: R u redee 4 fredee? Creepy music time!
    Jack: Vietnam flashbacks
    Also Jack: FREDDY!

  • 13:57 drugz confirmed

  • 29:48 LMFAO

  • 20:03
    Charles: I got the perfect plan.
    This is the greatest plaaaaa-
    Jack: Freaking dies from laughter

  • 29:10 is still my favorite part of the whole video

  • 2:37 in 2020 oh noo! he got covid
    2:37 in 2015 ehh he got a cold its nothin

  • the cookie is supposed to be a reference to Alice in Wonderland when she has to pick a sudden cookie so she can grab the key

  • “THE KNEE!!” Was a reference to smash bros

  • secret governmeant missions are just treated like trips to the grocery store i guess. 17:22

  • Ooda patusta

  • Corona anyone?

  • Ah yes my fave Henry stick min game: breaking your ar$e

  • 4:51 ur so mad

  • Jack you couldn't click it because you were on this option

  • 2015: how jacksepticeye act.
    2020: :I

  • Jean: that looks like me
    Everyone else: we cant see with face in the way

  • No one will see this sooooooooooo stay gay jack hates yall

  • breakin your arse

  • Bruh this game knew there is gonna be virus

  • Ezio Alexia Alexia what you I want you Games Live the best whenever watch and we watching these every day


  • I played fleeing the complex before

  • Cant fing tell if he is joking or if that is his real voice

  • 0:03– "Do you guys remember the Henry Stickman games?" (laughs) 😛 Of course. Finished the last one just a few minutes ago.
    1:46– "I'm sorry if I miss some of them." It's okay. All the more reason to poke at the game later on if anyone feels like it.
    2:04– "What?!" 😀 That was great! 'We'll live forever! AAHH!' 😛
    2:24– "How did a cookie turn me into a giant?" This is a reference to the classic children's story 'Alice in Wonderland'. A very fun read, along with the sequel "Through the Looking Glass'.
    5:09– "Oh that's pretty neat." It is! A built in flowchart. (Usually you have to make your own if you are attempting to get all endings.)
    12:01– "(whoopee cushion farts)" :'P Okay, I'm officially 12yrs.
    20:46– "This is the Best Henry Stickman game so far." Agreed. Longer and very funny.
    27:15– "A person?" This is a 'Lemmings' reference. In the game the lemmings will walk off cliffs and die unless you put a 'stopper' like that at the edge. ~

  • 29:56 😛

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣at the last u ended up killing Ellie by a 360 no scope and the replay was so damn funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • I can’t stop laughing over the change in his facial expression right as Charles flew his helicopter into the wall at 20:04

  • Guys there is a reference to the binding of issac it is in the Skyrim reference let me know if you also found it