The secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers | Chef David Lee, Planta

The recipe and ingredients that Planta chef David Lee uses to make his Planta plant-based burger. Chef David Lee talks to White Coat, Black Art’s Dr. Brian Goldman about what goes into one of his restaurant’s top seller and what spurred Lee on to plant-based eating.

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  • Why are you around food, and you keep putting your hands in your pockets 😵

  • Interviewer asking the most obvious questions lol

  • You could substitute the tapioca starch with chia seeds. You can grind the Chia sees first if you want.

  • Research dr. Paul saladino dr. Ken Berry dr. Shawn Baker

  • I lost my virginity and won 1 Million Dollars by going vegan

  • Amazing burger! Annoying host.

  • The dr/ host asking dumb questions or comments is so annoying . He doesn’t even seem passionate about food at all ugh .

  • Ew

  • Because people eat burger and thing they like the meat. Really they like the bun and the sauce.

  • Just curious, how are slathering the thing in mayo and cheese "getting off all plant-based protein" and "vegan"? I know there are substitutes, but he would have mentioned it if he wasn't just using the plain animal-based versions.

  • How much time in oven :-)..?

  • Lol I got an ad for a Wendy baconator on a vegan burger video… lol plant based for like 2 months now, best decision ever. Still slip up sometimes with those sneaky milk an eggs that seem to be in everything unnecessarily lol

  • I think the only difference between a plant based burger and a meat based burger is …you enjoy the burger with the risk of shortening your lifespan or either enjoy the burger without any risk of shortening your lifespan ☺️

  • Vegan gluttony. The bread isn’t any good for you,the cheese is worse, and you make it look just like the poison you rewarded yourself with before. What are you selling me? Health,nutrition,your talent,because it looks like memories to tease the ill

  • Soy boy twig

  • You want to make one?
    Wash your damn hands first!

  • They both seem like such kind and humble men , wonderful video!

  • This looks amazing

  • Thumbs up if you thought the Dr was cringe

  • The end of fight – the blue zones have little to no meat – once a month at most. They win. Alkaline is the advanced way – meat acidifies. So you can't have it every day in any case. You'll just be left behind.

  • Looks like it needs some kind of fat like olive oil or coconut oil & maybe some garlic, onions just look like needs more of something.

  • "it tasted great in my mouth and it didn't give me heart burn" …that's what she said!!!

  • Very similar to my veggie burger I created but I use flax meal and vital wheat gluten instead of tapioca and nutritional yeast to bind. Mine also has carrots, zucchini, sweet bell pepper and spinach in it in addition to the beans.

  • Why is it every time you look up a recipe for anything people are like, "When I was a child, back in 1942, my mom and dad were both sailors and tailors who liked to have Sunday brunch with our neighbor Bob Jones…"
    Put your recipe in the description, stop wasting time.

  • Can’t wait to try it!

  • I wonder why ugly people feel the need to be on camera? :)) good that you are a doctor and you eat animal products haha and i am not and I don't.

  • Want it so bad!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. Simply amazing.

  • Now that's a blender 😁
    Loved the recipe and already shared with a group of friends. Thanks for sharing this CBC =)

  • I had a dream. All burgers will be vegan somehow. Cows are too precious to kill. Please do not kill any cows. I love them all too much. Vegan burgers are best for all.

  • Wash your hands Dr

  • Trying on the gooey (and ridiculously delicious looking) burger, with a beard …ouch, I felt that.

  • The secret is to use meat like everyone else ever and to get over yourself 😁

  • The interviewer is annoying as hell.

  • I am more interested in how it tastes without all of the condiments. Almost anything tastes like a burger once you add sauces, pickles, and cheese. What does it taste like just patty and bread?

  • My mom made me some Buffalo wings out of broccoli and my taste buds were wowed

  • He literally pulled his hands out of his pockets and dove them into the bowl to start forming a pattie; like MY GOD; go wash your HANDS!!

  • simple use beef it is made naturally from pure grass

  • I'm glad I live in Toronto and have been to Planta numerous times. Looking forward to trying making this delicious burger. It felt most right for me to go vegan over 8 years ago. Love the lightness, health, and prolonged youth!