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  • Its good to see new subreddits I love your vids always watching your vids keep up the great work redditor I've been watching for a while but I dont comment often but this time I should

  • Who else though this was entitled parents first

  • 1k left

  • i would pay for an entire book of the first story

  • As a man that has a insane imagination my reaction to the first story: im eating carrots now and never going to sleep

  • this german accent made me laugh

  • pause it at 0:00

  • The first story was scary

  • The title… that was literally the line which I told when I was like… six

  • Wait a minute… You cant go back in time cuz time only goes forward sooo, time travel is going to a different time line and alternating that timeline bring that to our timeline and see the world changed and no one knows…



  • droiddroid

    Author Reply

    If they said donttell them you can see im imidieatly telling everyone

  • I need to see more! I wrote a prompt about the Beatles!

  • (3:55) > dark black

  • There is an anime on this subreddit " Dr. Stone"

  • So is TGIS r/nobrain

  • The mug story made me smile.

  • Ur German accent just sounds Russian

  • It’s not the blind one that scared me but when billy dropped the truck

  • What the fu fu that first 1

  • Theres a movie made in 2008 called Blindness. Everyone goes blind but a doctor an her husband tells her not to let others know. Its actually really good, no creatures in it but I would very much check it out. I enjoy it.

  • Every Karen ever

    Me: walks into store

  • the first one i was thinking :
    the cows have taken over with a little help from their alien friends MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Ok, I know I’m weird, but I have a skill where I can map around where I am and walk around blindfolded I’m the best at it in my house but I’ve practiced doing it in other places as well

  • Good it won’t happen, Especially right now.

  • I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Very creative.

  • Was I the only one thinking this was about Karen who had a blind kid but refused to tell the kid that everyone else could see? No? Okay, well this video was awesome! I would love to see more!

  • please do more of these!

  • i want more of that first story its sooo good!

  • Hoping everyone here reading is healthy and safe ❤️

  • #342.496 Dad
    "Daddy, I'm tired!"
    "Hi tired, I'm Dad!
    just kidding, darling, lets take you to bed. I'll read you a nice story"

    Next morning: #1 Dad

  • Who else wants to see a film of the first story

  • legend has it, that he is number 1

  • Please more of this, it’s amazing I love the creativity

  • Dude that first story tho

  • I was listening to this not knowing what it was while trying to take a nap because i stayed up until 2:30 am last night. I heard the first story and immediately stopped trying to take a nap 😂

  • So I’m an aspiring writer and after watching this video I went on r/writing prompts and found one that gave me an amazing idea! I’ve starting writing a novel on Wattpad. Here’s the link if anyone is interested. (yes I’m aware my profile pictures are entirely different lol my one on here is 3 years old and idk how I change it😂)

  • Read more of thous stories pleas love your Chanel and I live in SWEDEN I have dyslexia 💜 wher are you from??????

  • I really want to hear more of the first story. I want to know how it ends.

  • I would LOVE pictures for the first one

  • About the great blinding thing…
    What if people were like, driving or, doing brain surgery, or other stuff like that?

  • This was amazing 💖

  • Plz keep doing this. This us so awesome!!😀😀

  • The beginning of the video, damm, that was a really spastic story.

  • Bob Ross you saint

  • I was just waiting for the Bob ross story and Hitler story to turn into a yaoi.