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These things were normal in the 80's! – r/AskReddit

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  • This also sounds like growing up in the 90s

  • One day my mom sent me, a 5 year old, to buy groceries from a nearby store. When I was walking there, a random person picked me up and started spinning me around. In my head I was like "This is it. I'm gonna be kidnapped. They are gonna traffic my organs(effect of watching too many crime shows with dad)." While I was in the stage bawling my eyes out, the man stopped. I saw his face.

    It was my uncle who was making a surprise visit. We picked up the groceries together. He later ended up scolding the fuck out my mom for sending me to buy stuff all alone. If a random person saw this happening in 2020, the police would've been called and my uncle could've ended up in huge trouble. Things were so different just 2 decades ago. Damn…..

  • Is it weird that my childhood was like this and I was born in 2000?

  • I was born in 1963.

    Staying out all day, playing in the street, folks visiting and you break out the ashtray so they can smoke. Most moms stayed home or worked part time in clerical jobs. You ate dinner at the table with family every day. Fast food was a special treat, not a daily meal. Dial telephones. Malls were amazing and packed with shoppers all the time. A lot of people smoked and you could smoke in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, etc.
    TV was a big console thing; a piece of furniture itself. You had to adjust the line hold, color, contrast, etc. Taking the tubes from said TV to the test kiosk at the supermarket or K-Mart to see if they needed replacing. The picture itself was grainy compared to today. Also, a lot of content was still in black-and-white at the end of the 1960s.

    Home appliances were in colors like avocado green, harvest gold, and pumpkin orange. Shag rugs that needed raking to keep them up. Necklaces made from telephone cable wires. Full service gas stations everywhere in the country. You collected sets of glassware from being loyal customer of certain gas stations. At the supermarket you got Blue Chip or Green stamps and your mother put them into booklets to send in for household things from a catalog.

    Everyone knew a shade-tree mechanic or they knew how to work on cars, which had carburetors not computers in those days. I could go on but you get the picture (which has a macrame frame!)

  • When I was a kid, the woods were my playground. Hiking, biking, and skiing the trails, riding horses, snowmobiling, or just sitting out there enjoying not being screamed at. Got charged by a moose, saw a few bears, lots of foxes, coyotes, and deer. It's almost all houses now.

  • "Teachers being able to publicly ridicule you in class"
    Wait, teachers can't do that anymore?? I'm a 90s kid and I very clearly remember my last day of 4th grade in 2005 when I was caught trying to take home another kid's manga. I was a huge bookworm and had already gotten into this habit for some reason of taking library books home and never returning them. Well, my teacher made me stand up in front of the entire class while she proceeded to scream at me, announcing to the class that I was both a liar and a thief. After that, I was forced to sit with that same class in the movie room, watching chicken little (oh.. the irony). I can see now why she didn't really need to punish me further. It didn't help that I was the shortest kid in class. Kids left and right had dubbed me the true "chicken little" that day, and I was bullied mercilessly. Thankfully though, it was the last day of school, so the traumatic experience was short. But I still remember it.

    Edit: oh, and I never stole a book again. To be frank, I never stole anything again lol. So I guess the humiliation worked. Also, that was the first manga I had ever read.

    It was a furry manga too.. Like damn I just realized that last part lmao

  • There’s a strict no throwing snowballs at my high school. One time a kid threw a snowball and the principal made him make 100 without gloves. Then he got arrested for child abuse. I don’t think he should’ve gotten in trouble though

  • A toy gun that shoots bbq sauce sounds like an excellent toy. I might have just found my million dollar idea.

  • Born in '84. When I started elementary school I rode the city bus from our apartment to my school. I was given my own fare to pay, no one would bug me, and the morning driver would let me off right in front of the school instead of the actual stop so I wouldn't have to cross the street :3 Same thing when I was in 3rd grade, only now I had my little brother with me since he just started kindergarten that year. Nowadays you can't even think about doing that. I think the last time in recent years I saw kids on a city bus by themselves was when I lived in Redmond, WA and they still weren't nearly as young as 5 or 8.

  • I'm in middle school rn and most of the harmless things i do. Like only sliding down the big hill, that chalk board one or candy cigarettes (edit im 13)

  • n o m a l

  • Lack of discipline is one of the main problems now.

  • in 93' i was in 2nd grade in Tennesee, they still paddled with parental permission……. there was only 1 kids' parents that gave permission (as far as i knew) and he was paddled probably every day 🤔

  • 4:07 Wait they don't make those anymore!?

  • When I was 9 my dad taught me how drive on a freeway in a f-150 also I’m 14 now

  • People would give out home made treats with a note of their name and phone number or address for Halloween 🎃

  • When I was about six, grade one, I walked home from school by myself for eight blocks. A house had a scary dog in the yard and I was afraid it would get out and attack me. So I stood there crying unable to walk past. A man in a car pulled up and offered me a ride home. I went. I found out years later that he was one of our local doctors. So a safe man. Lucky.

  • 90s/2000s here but I remember be allowed to play with model rocket kits and profanity laced video games, that weren't riddled with micro transactions and DLCS.

  • I always heard stories from parents about how they used to move around the neighborhood and for miles around in a pack of children on bikes, and whenever a potential bad thing tried to happen the swarm of kids would flee or destroy the threat. My parents wanted to let me be part of a pack of kids but unfortunately all the other kids in the neighborhood had scheduled activities every second of the day and weren't allowed to ever just play.

  • Riding in the back of the truck.

  • i feel like i was born in the wrong decade i would absolutely love to have been born in the mid 70s everything sounds so epic. honestly i’d rather go round on my bike and go to arcades with my friends than go on instagram or something like that.

  • I was a very mean child. So my parents sold me to circus and they locked me with a chimp and after 14 days made an exhibition called "The Ugliest baby of all time!!!"

  • the candy cigarettes thing is funny b/c a few years ago i went a corner store within driving distance of my house and in 2016, they had candy cigs to buy. Despite the fact they still looked like what there, they were called candy sticks and came in a box that still looked like a pack of smokes.

  • My dad says when he was in school his teacher would cane you across the hands then make you do a handstand against the wall.

  • 19:38 me- same
    Also me- age 11


    Author Reply

    Wait a minute, I used to sleep at the back window of the car aswell. Huh

  • i wish i grew up around my parents time

  • My school still had corporal punishment in 2020 (I say had because I graduated). Students could choose swats over lunch detention and a lot of students preferred swats because no one wants to lose their lunch hahaha, you could get them for 3 late slips or other things like that. Parents are always called beforehand and asked If they are okay with it if the student is under 18 and many parents are very okay with it. I'm from the south of the US so it is not as looked down apon as it is other places.

  • OG playgrounds are the shit. Sure some of the new stuff is pretty cool but nothing beats those bigass metal jungle gyms

  • Damn I wish I got to run around and do whatever as a kid. I’m 17 now and got yelled at a few weeks ago for watching a pack of coyotes at my grandparents farm. In broad daylight. Not messing with them, just standing 10 ish feet away and watching them.

  • A lot of these were still a thing during the ‘00s, except for the legality of corporal punishment and other forms of child abuse. But stuff like getting a sip of beer from gramps, candy cigarettes, going to the store and to elementary school alone, playing outside until dark, sitting in parents’ lap steering a car, treating the neighbours like family… been there done that, and loved it.

  • This question:*exists*
    People who grew up in the Eastern Bloc and USSR: Bruh

  • Now if you let your kids play in the yard by themselves you will be charged with child neglect and they will be taken away