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Top 10 Finance & Economic Documentaries

Top 10 Finance & Economic Documentaries
The best documentaries that helped my journey since the global financial crisis! I hope you enjoy my list of Top 10 Finance & Economic Documentaries.
#Top10 #Documentary #Money.

Australia: Coming Financial Crisis?

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  • Thanks very much, really useful and well explained!

  • "the housing bubble" awesome doco about the American housing bubble going back to greenspans policies in the 90's, must watch!

  • obviously you haven't watch The Princes of Yen and 97% Owned. Should check these two documentaries especially The Princes of Yen [based on non-fiction book written by Prof. Dr. Richard Werner.

  • small gems: IOUSA, and The Crash: The Coming Financial Collapse of America

  • End the central banking cartel. Until that happens, things will just keep getting worse.

  • You missed Banking on Bitcoin… It's great intro to someone getting in crypto

  • Brilliant list. Working my way through them every weekend!

  • Zeitgeist is unfortunately full of factual errors about money creation, central banks, velocity of money, etc.

  • Can you please post links and pin it


  • The four horseman.


  • 10. Overdose
    9. The Third Industrial Revolution
    8. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    7. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
    6. Dirty Money (episode 3 is Nugget's favourite)
    5. Meltdown
    4. How the Economic Machine Works
    3. Zeitgeist
    2. Inside Job
    1. Hidden Secrets of Money

  • Excellent resource mate. Bookmarked.

  • Awesome mate!

  • "The China Hustle" on Netflix also makes for sobering viewing. Will definitely make you think twice before investing in Chinese crypto projects…

  • Inside Job is a must watch . Excellent narative (Matt Damon ) with the most interesting insights about the government. Shows you how the Government is nothing but puppet of the Elites. Shows also how centralization destroys the world and unveils the why it has been the biggest catalyst to decentralization with the creation of Distributed ledger Technology.

  • 👍 thanks well done

  • Add john Titus's 'the veneer of justice in a kingdom of crime' another top 10 documentary. Great list nugget thanx

  • This one here nugget
    Nothing will beat it

  • Men who made America. 10 part series watch that and think about what the richest families have control over.

  • Thanks for the shout out Nugget, much appreciated. I'll send your video to Mike he'll be stoked. (Admin)

  • Solid picks. Hidden secrets of money is def the best..

  • Hi Alex, any books you could recommend also?

  • Great choices! Also check out the Four Horsemen, it's good too, covers the typical cycle of an empire – interviews with lots of well known economists like Noam Chomsky etc. Topics covered are debt, money, media, terrorism, GFC, bank bailouts etc.

  • They speak Telegram coin will set up a record on growth among all cryptocurrencies

  • Thanks Alex, can you add links in the description?