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Top 10 Most Hard to Watch Documentaries

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These movies tackle some very tough subject matter. Whether it’s Blackfish, Dear Zachary, or The Bridge, these documentaries will leave you shaken. WatchMojo counts down the top documentaries that are hard to watch.

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List rank and entries:
#10. “13th” (2016)
#9. “Zoo” (2007)
#8. “Tarnation” (2003)
#7. “Titicut Follies” (1967)
#6. “Dear Zachary A Letter to a Son About His Father” (2008)
#5. “Blackfish” (2013)
#4. “Capturing the Friedmans” (2003)
#3, #2, #1???

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  • Any video on how the Democrats shovel their bile is pretty much difficult to watch. I'd sooner watch holocaust prisoners being eaten by mutated alligators while being attacked by sharks than watch that crap.

  • The Bridge is one of the most depressing films I've ever seen.

  • taki taki

  • how is "Gleason" not on this list?

  • They need to make a new list and add “ When they see us “

  • Nothing is scarier than these cops taking lives for nothing

  • A horse?! He’s butthole before o and his butthole after he got screwed ⭕️💣😳😆

  • I vote for Earthlings as at least an honorable mention.


  • I watched blackfish in primary school , when i was 12

  • I’ve watched the bridge it’s truly heartbreaking

  • JinahJinah

    Author Reply

    the fact that Dear Zachary isnt no. 1 is shocking. i was fucking devastated through the whole thing

  • If you think "Blackfish" is bad, wait until you see "The Cove". That one will haunt your dreams.
    If you think "Capturing the Friedmans" is hard to watch, check out "Deliver Us from Evil", with its graphic spoken descriptions of child rape.

  • Zoo? I thought I was hearing things. When I read the Bible and see its record of human sinfulness, including bestiality, it is hard to believe. Then documentaries like this show reprobates do exist.

  • Earthlings?

  • "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane" outlining the 2009 or 2010 Taconic Parkway 2 car collision was pretty tough to watch too.

  • 77 minutes is the most disturbing documentary I’ve ever watched it’s about the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre. There’s footage of them walking around the crime scene with the dead bodies, there was a small baby lying dead beside its parents. Crazy

  • Thought I heard Tedd Bundy

  • Apart from Netflix where can I watch these documentaries?

  • Documentary exposes the horrendous mistreatment of mental hospital patients.
    Gets banned because it "infringes on the right to privacy of the patients".

    Logic 101.

  • Glad the horse guy died.

  • Blackfish made seaworld lose millions of dollars

  • “One Child Nation”, easily.

  • I just wanted the one about the Orcas ts was sad asf real animal abuse

  • One jumper from the film "The Bridge" kind of shook me. A older make 65+ climbs over the railing and turns kind of does a false start and then goes.

    Instead of contemplation, he just went. Its "up, over and off I go" those types aren't going to be stopped at all.

  • The Bridge wasn't hard to watch at all. I found it quite interesting.