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TOP 20 BEST Games Like Skyrim for Android & iOS | Open World Games

Here is the list of Top 20 best games like Skyrim for Android & iOS in 2019! All the open world games like Skyrim links are below!

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******** TOP 20 BEST *******


Ravensword Shadowlands
Ravensword Shadowlands iOS:
Ravensword Shadowlands Android:

Iron Blade
Iron Blade iOS:
Iron Blade Android:

The Elder Scrolls Blades
The Elder Scrolls Blades iOS:
The Elder Scrolls Blades Android:

Order & Chaos 2 Redemption
Order & Chaos 2 Redemption iOS:
Order & Chaos 2 Redemption Android:

Aralon Forge and Flame
Aralon Forge and Flame iOS:
Aralon Forge and Flame Android:

Infinity Blade 2
Infinity Blades series are getting pulled out by developers :(. I recommend finding series on APK sites.

Wild Blood
Wild Blood iOS:
Wild Blood Android:

Celtic Heroes
Celtic Heroes iOS:
Celtic Heroes Android:

Earth and Legend
Earth and Legend iOS:
Earth and Legend Android:

Aralon Sword & Shadow
Aralon Sword & Shadow iOS:
Aralon Sword & Shadow Android:

Crimson Warden
Crimson Warden iOS:
Crimson Warden Android:

Shadow Sun
Shadow Sun iOS:
Shadow Sun Android:

Dawbringer Android:

Titan Quest
Titan Quest Android:

Naroth Android:

Block Story
Block Story iOS:
Block Story Android:

Deadly Dungeons
Deadly Dungeons Android:

Exiled Kingdoms
Exiled Kingdoms Android:

Exiles iOS:
Exiles Android:
There is an error in the video for the title. Should be “Exiles”

Angel Sword
Angel Sword iOS:
Angel Sword Android:

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There are 3 games in the list that are not very similar to Skyrim, but worth mention: Exiles (Sci-Fi genre), Titan Quest & Deadly Dungeons (more like hack&slash RPGs, but have a lot of similarities in game concepts)

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  • Finally a list of good gAmes

  • Not gonna lie the pauses of the video for you to ask for people to subscribe was getting annoying after a while.Just saying.Good overall vid tho.

  • I really like skyrim, why Bethesda don't port morrowind to mobile? 🙁

  • The elder scroll blades is Skyrim

  • 🤣🤣 MORRWIND IS THE ONLY GAME LIKE SKYRIM ON ANDROID !!! AND ITS A FACT u should have included it too..

  • Can you tell me the games that dont do auto quests

  • Offline??

  • Damn Ravensword Pretty Nostalgic

  • Who clicked the link in the description that said not to

  • V0_!DV0_!D

    Author Reply

    Appstore and play store no longer have infinity blade2

  • Ravensword is number 1

  • Ok, don't know if all are android games bcs I have Titan Quest & Titan Quest II – Immortal Throne on PC … but if it's now on android than cheers mate! 😷


    Author Reply

    Elder scroll blades is the worst game

  • Are these free? I cant find Elder Scrolls Blades

  • Dem low graphics

  • Best medieval game
    👉Steel & flesh 2 new lands
    Best medieval/Fantasy game
    👉Black Desert

  • Any recommended sites for infinity blade

  • I got some
    Heroes and castles 2
    Steel and flesh 2 new lands
    Ark survival evolved
    Elder scrolls: blades
    Total war: battles

  • Which one is offline?

  • The fuck is this shit?

  • I wish it was real gameplay instead of trailers

  • Nobody makes good games for phones
    They just want some money

  • Iron Blade, Ravensword Shadowlands,

  • Bruh you forgot RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, the most ambitious RPG ever made with stunning graphics and a complex combat system.

  • Elder Scrolls blades is no longer on play store I looked it up after this video

  • I’m trying to find a Open World/Quest game I used to play a lot and it has Pandas and Lions and you can pick witch side you want to be on ( Pandas or Lions ) and you can tame amazing pets it’s for IOS I don’t know if it’s for Android

    Edit: if you know a game like that comment the name because it might be the one I’m talking about 😁😁

  • Ravensword2 is the best on here by far

  • KingGKingG

    Author Reply

    skyrim is elder scrolls