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TOP Sights & Foods in Phu Quoc (Vietnamese Island!)

Beaches aside, here are a few must-see attractions in Phú Quốc. Wondering where to eat on the island? Don’t miss out on our favorite spots!

Where we stayed: (Thuan Hai Hotel) (Nice rooms, friendly staff, great price, excellent location)

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  • Thanks for super crispy video edits along with drone shots which are simply eye candy 💯

  • Hi, great video. I saw there are view that being captured by fly cam. By any chance do you guy need to get permits to use it.

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  • We are going to Phu quoc soon

  • Went to Vietnam last year and going back this year 😊 Landing in Hanoi in june. We go trekking in the mountains north (Sapa)for a week or so before we visit Da Lat and finish off with some relaxation on the beaches of Phu Quoc before heading back to Hanoi.

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  • MihaiMihai

    Author Reply

    Hey..thanks for all your videos guys. We are going to Vietnam in December. What visa did you get to be able to visit both Puu Quoc Island and also Vietnam mainland? Thanks. Ps. Any tips about weather would be great.

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  • Just to say thanks . We went to Phu quoc in April and it was fantastic

  • Come hungry…leave happy…epic tag line!!!

  • You guys could be richest
    If you learn to plan peppers and fish sauce when you come back to us

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  • Kim TKim T

    Author Reply

    Thanks for the videos. I plan to travel vietnam from north to south in 2019… 🙂

  • Did you have any issues using your drone while in Vietnam?

  • I enjoyed watching always Thank you so much from Korea. And it is fun and very useful information!!

  • I have bin in Phu Quoc two Times’ and the last time whas in february and a ride the capel car and it whas amasing

  • Not only tourist do throw trash around but to be fair..the local people some time do throw trash in floor too.

  • Can only imagine the fish sauce exploding in your carry-on from the pressure and dripping down!

  • how many day should i spend in the phu quoc island

  • Hi. I enjoy your video. I'm a Viet Nam person and living in phu Quoc now. I hope my country make you feel happy and many foreigners come to Viet Nam to travel and work. Welcome all!

  • i love phuquoc from hochiminh vietnam

  • The only thing I would recommend “not to do” in Phú Quoc is not visiting the old Phú Quoc Prison, what in there are nothing but propaganda lie about how the VIet Cong prisoners were treated by South Vietnam government backed in the war. The true story was South Vietnam government treated them so well that when they were to return to the North VN for prisoner exchange, over 200 of them begged for staying back in the South instead. If you do visit that place, what you will see in there are actually how the communist Vietnam treated the South VN soldiers and civilians in the many prisons which they called “re-education camps” 100 of thousands prisoners were killed in those camps, and worst because the war already ended but the communist government still put all of the South VN soldiers in prisons even as they no longer fighting back. The same as China communist government is doing to their ethnic people right now.

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    Yeah, do and eat 🙂

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