Update | Studying for the CPA Exam | How I Stay Motivated |

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. In this video I talk about how the CPA is going and I also talk about how I stay motivated. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Hi Sara, thank you for the video and motivation! Listening to you talk about that no one can take you accomplishment away when you are done giving me a huge motivation!!
    Being a person who is changing career path, I get lost and confused sometimes and question if it’s going to worth it. I appreciate this video as it gives me a boost to finish my goal!!

  • I’m with you!! Right now I’m studying my exam as well. It sucks but I know I’m not alone lol

  • Currently studying for my Professional Geologist (P.G.) Certification and this video helped me. I'm getting tested on my entire college career on 2 sets of exams and I get so stressed out seeing as I've been out of college as long as you have! Keep the positivity coming girl! Good luck! 🙂

  • Girl my BCBA exam is Aug 7. I'm struggling to stay motivated lol….too bad you can't call me every day to say "hey get up and study" lol

  • Obssed with your Cpa vids, I'm one year away from my bachelor's, then I'm aiming for my Cpa:)

  • Hi got a question. Is it ok to do online college at a private 4 year college , because I am working in a accounting position at walmart?

  • Hi. What Financial Accounting CPD courses would you suggest/recommend?

  • Good Luck! Great Videos!

  • Thank you so much, Sara! I really enjoy your videos and It's good to watch when I feel unmotivated. One question I have is how do you balance being a mom, studying, working, and doing youtube? thank you again for your videos!! 🙂

  • Great video! I use the candy trick to keep me motivaded too 🙂 or a cup of my fav coffee. Thanks for sharing your CPA journey.

  • Are you following the Becker study protocol (as they lay out in the software) exactly? If not, how are you modifying it? Great video, by the way. A lot of people are right there with you in studying (or trying to). It's great that you and your husband are on the same page regarding this difficult process.

  • I can't wait to see your video on the application process!

  • You are a true inspiration!! Keep up the hard work!! I’m planning to study for the CPA next month. Thank you for your honesty 😊

  • I live on the border of IL and IN, is there a benefit to getting licensed in IL instead of indiana?

  • Hi Sara,
    I'm one of your new subscriber. I currently did a dramatic major change from Nursing to Accountant. I'll be starting my accounting journey this Fall 2018. Therefore, my question is how do I get my foot in accounting? As in where should I work for an entry level job to be familiar with my career choice?

    Thank you,

  • Currently studying for my CPA in Canada and this video is exactly what I needed to hear right now! Thank you so much for your positivity and optimism! Keep it up 🙂

  • Hey Sarah I just got back from enrolling in school for the counting and I was told that all my classes that I would have to take would be online I was wondering if you had an opinion on that I've never took any online classes so online versus classroom

  • Hi Sara, I just have one quick question. I just got out of high school and am planning to become an accountant. From watching multiple videos private accounting appeals to me more. Can you like basically pick whether you want to be in private or public accounting?

  • You're increasing your marketability.

  • Great video Sara!

  • Watching your videos has gotten me motivated to get back to studying for my CPA. I want school and work full time for 9 years to get my MBA and got very burned out. I have taken all 4 parts without success at that time. But I'm ready to start. Could you let me know where you found info for the Illinois ethic test? Thanks Hope

  • E LE L

    Author Reply

    I’m studying for audit now. I passed FAR in March and REG in June. I am starting to feel burnt out but trying to stay motivated until the end! I usually treat myself to a drink from Starbucks when I’m studying especially the week before the exam while I’m reviewing 🙂

  • Cost video please. Great video

  • so glad you posted this, I'm studying for a state license and normally these things come so easy to me – this one is not! I keep visualizing myself calling my husband after I test to say, I PASSED!

  • All the best for your exam.I am sure you can make it.

  • Loved the way you share ur experience .

    U will do it for sure .

    Thanku so much for inspiring me .

  • VeniVeni

    Author Reply

    great video!! request for Study Tips, day to da studying and specific tips for specific classes. tips for students doing online courses. I get motivated to see how far I have come- any progress is good 🙂

  • Hi Sarah, I've recently started looking into going to school for an accounting. I'm 40 years old changing career paths, a little scared about going back to school at such a older age. Not that great at typing which kind of worries me about getting a job. And I don't know if I would like it or not, it's just something that's always stuck in my head about a career I would like to do. but never had the opportunity to do it since I was a high school dropout and didn't get my GED till later in life I do currently have Associates agree and applied science but my credits don't transfer really to the accounting program. Just wondering if you had any advice for someone starting down this path?

  • as a cpa, can u become a stock broker?