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Visiting my hometown (Google Maps)

Growing up in sweland
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Du Lịch
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Du Lịch
Geography Now! Greece
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Felix: picked first
    Also Felix: picked last
    Me: Didn’t even get picked

  • Sam KSam K

    Author Reply

    u should quit…ur not cut out for this…

  • In Texas we call king 4 square

  • PewDiePie explaining his life story similar to mine

  • I have played too much king.

  • in my school that "king" game was called in my school 4 square

  • i could listen to him talk for days

  • i feel like every country has that same ball game at schools, here in australia its just called four-square haha

  • Super depressing to listen to this because I basically went through the same thing, except i stuck to it. I did tons of videos before youtube, used programs where you had to like put together each frame individually and add light and stuff to frames in order to make it look like flashing effects and things like that. Tons of drawing, photoshopping, painting, animation, 3D, like I loved everything that had to do with that. And I still do, but now I'm almost 30 and I just never committed to it enough to make it my career.
    So I wish I would've taken your advice back then and just stuck to doing what I loved doing, maybe life would've been more interesting. Now I feel exactly how you're describing you felt back then, being trapped an lonely.

  • Try's YouTube because hates school, feels lonely and was hoping for a chance, accidentally becomes biggest youtuber in the world (we ignoring t-series because shame) if there was a dabbing emoji I would use it

  • I hated PE because I hate playing football every time

    All of the kids who love football and hate PE because they never play it

  • Kung/king/rutan

  • Four square

  • Yes, its called handball lul

  • I am from Östergötland in Sweden

  • King is called 4- square for me btw

  • You are my confidence pewds. To take my life to next level

  • Jag föddes i Göteborg 2010 så jag vet inte vad du pratar om

  • TT

    Author Reply

    Love watching this video even now, can’t believe how relatable this is for me lol

  • Those kids that are going to that school: so i went to the same school as pewds

  • Omg i have the same habit ;sucked my finger (not thumb the pointing finger or whatever you called that lol)and wiggle my hair when i was a kid and i also tried convincing my cousins as well so weird 😂😂

  • I'm trying so hard not to be judgemental because I had a really shitty childhood