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WATER TIER LIST – PART 2 [Feat. Straitlace] || Dragalia Lost || 7/5/2020

Join Lerart, myself, and Straitlace as we explore the brand-new mana spirals as we update the tier list for the pub meta of Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath. SUBSCRIBE for more Dragalia Lost guides and content.

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Song: The Edgelands
Game: GranBlue Fantasy
Developers: CyGames


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    Lily [3:34]

    Xander [13:20]

    Karina [26:52]

    N!Aeleen [44:21]

    Thaniel [47:39]

    Ricardt [53:12]

    Pipple [59:03]

    Yurius [1:09:41]

    S!Estelle [1:16:16]

    Renee [1:22:42]

    S!Ranzal [1:24:42]

    H!Odetta [1:26:40]

    Celliera [1:31:51]

    Luther [1:39:45]

    Zardin [1:44:29]

    3star Placements [1:48:13]

    Gauld [1:49:15]

    Laranoa [1:55:05]

    DY!Nefaria [1:56:55]

    DY!Xander [1:58:16]

    Orsem [2:01:15]

    Thanks everyone for watching! More elements and in-depth discussions coming soon 🙂

  • One thing to mention about Xander is that he's not supposed to fs until he gets a level two born ruler fs, provided you're running his BiS dragon GnC. This fs makes up for the dps loss he would have lost from just doing c2 + lv1 born ruler fs. With the bunny dragon, s1 is powered up by just doing c5 + c4. Just something I wanted to point out since it wasn't mentioned in the video.

  • Thaniel was my first adventurer and he'll always be S+ tier in my heart.
    This was a great analysis, I really liked how everyone went more in depth into the mechanics of the characters and it made me consider different back line compositions based on the situations I'm using the team for.
    I look forward to more tier lists! 🙂 thank you!

  • Thanks god I didn't build Xander or Lily when I have Mitsuba with her MUB agito weapon

  • Just got through with watching the whole video. Was an excellent listen. I'm really happy you decided to get a third opinion, and Straitlace did a fantastic job providing a valuable additional perspective and more nuance. Good job to everyone!

    I'm very captivated by Karina and heavily debating whether I should spiral her right now – as she's a very cost-effective unit for me, a weapon type I very much enjoy and I can set up fairly optimally, unlike most others since I don't have G&C – or wait to see if new summer themed units and spirals appear with the Summer event reruns first. Very tempted to just build Karina now though!

  • I think that the B+ tier should be renamed something like "above average" or "definitely usable" since the current description of some groups will be looking for these doesn't really fit the adventurers. Like let's be real, who in the world would be looking for a Celliera or a Luther?

  • Now we need all 4 other elements with the same committee! Awesome stuff please pump these tier lists out ASAP!

  • Xany my boyyyyy

  • Honestly, this is the best tier list for water I've seen so far. I don't really disagree with any placements.