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The dust has settled and we have no more goats on our farm.

In the future will we have goats again? What kind of goats would we get and from who would we buy them?

K and I disagree on the future goat heard on our farm…

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  • Look at Arapawas if you want multipurpose.

  • #askhomesteady

    Do you have any resources or contacts that could teach about the pros and cons of keeping goats on a dry lot. After our loss and complications with goats we sold the herd and regrouping as well. I am interested in keeping them on a dry lot to reduce the parasite load and controlling feed available. No one around me seems to do that.

  • 😊

  • You don't need to reinvent the Goat. There are a ton of breeds that are more than suitable for your needs.

  • If your looking at cows look at the shetland it is an overlooked smallholders(homestead) cow like the highland cow it's easy to keep

  • Have you thought of Dexter cows? They're smaller. Check them out on Deep South Homestead.

  • Do some research on Lespedeza feed pellets. I just recently heard about it. It has very positive results for keeping barberpole worms away.

  • Milk goat, milk and cream and cheese. You can always eat them.

  • Meat goats may be a option Keiko or Spanish they are very Hardy .

  • Yall need to stop. If you are still planning to get more goats to kill with terrible herd management…you need to realize you aren't cut out for homesteading. Just stop with livestock sheesh

  • You also need to take into account the terrain & weather conditions what breed of goat's do better in.

  • When we started with goats, we didn't have parasite issues for the first few years. Then we started having problems. We have developed a pasture/goat management system that works for us. The management of the animals makes a huge difference! We have not had to give any parasite medication in over a year. It's all a learning experience. Good luck!

  • Ask homesteady: why ont get kiko goats and 4 dairy does. You could bread a kiko buck to the dairy does to increase your meat goats and have milk. The second year get a dairy buck to bread the dairy does and a few kiko does, this would give you more diverse genetics and you will have both meat and milk goats. That way your beautiful daughter can have her dairy goat to take care of so she will be alright with the meat goats going to freezor camp.

  • so close to 100000!!!

  • Cutest. Baby. Ever.

  • Check out Greg Judy on New Zealand sheep. A great money maker. You have the average to do it on well. Your baby boy is precious. He already needs a haircut. Lol

  • **Life only stagnates from a lack of trying** Ya tried… you learn… you endeavor to do better. You guys always check off this list. Thank you for trying. You know what's best for you. We've enjoyed you sharing it with us.

  • I wish, yet again, that you wish you were closer to Kansas. There are so many great Kikos here, and my sister (who’s one of the breeders) has found a few lines who are great milkers, easy to raise, kid easily, and have great personalities. But yeah, dairy breeds definitely have extra challenges. I know Nigerians don’t give much milk each but they’re pretty hardy if you get good lines (like always 😐). I’m so sorry about how badly your year went with goats this year.

  • You could try alpacas. You don’t eat them. You just shear them once a year and sell the wool.

  • Good idea going the Kiko route. You need resistant stock, not stock that have been wormed their whole lives. Using wormers just leads to wormer resistant worms. This farm breeds Kikos that are selected for their hardiness, ability to breed and resistance to parasites: http://www.lookoutpointranch.com/

    Good luck!

  • Az KoAz Ko

    Author Reply


  • I like the meat goats in the woods route. Our boer does are the best brush hogs money can buy.

  • #askhomesteady I thought you might like this video, it may be another breed to consider 😊
    From Arms Family Homestead

  • Not for sure on farm animals, but dog breeds tend to be healthier and have better longevity in mixes over purebreds in a few studies I've read. There are of course many purebreds with good genes, but sometimes when owners are overcome by greed and sales, quality goes down. That's why I always look at the overall picture when buying an animal. A family breeder with loving owners who are healthy and exhibit good traits of that breed are important. A mix of something sometimes makes a breed better than the original. I'm guessing it goes back to breeding for hardiness rather than looks.🤷 I'm so happy you met the Kiko goat creator..ahh! How cool! We raise boers and my neighbor raises kikos…I love meat goats.healthy little weedeaters is what I call 'em. Mine are like my four hooved kids literally lol😆 good luck on the great goat debate. I agree with Kay after helping raise saanens and angoras with my folks as a kid, adult help with vaccines, hoof trimming, milking routines, and care is needed.

  • Your lord of the rings rendition is comparable to the dessert here in Phx,az. Lol

  • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. XOXO

  • Im sorry but if you want me to listen you can not have that cute little baby boy on camera. I have no idea what you said. That baby is just the cutest. 🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • It is important to admit mistakes.
    Arms Family Homestead has Kiko goats. And I agree with another person who said DO BOTH. I think the Arms Family Homestead got their goats from Copperhead Farms. They bred and sell Kiko goats. You have time to discuss this with your daughter too. Good luck.

  • I respect you both! The baby is so handsome.

  • Lil bean definitely 😍 takes the show…. I love ur vlogs. Ty for sharing everything w us.

  • I'm confused, I thought you had three bucks? Burke, Bomber, and an unrelated one that was going to be your breeder. What happened to him? (Or am I mixed up?) #askhomesteady

  • As with many animals, crossbreeds and mongrels are more hardy in general. They don't need as much attention and they can withstand more harsher conditions. I think you're making the right decision. He is SUPER cute!!

  • I'm an old 81 + yr old hillbilly from Ky. Living in New Zealand since 2000. It is quite a beautiful country 4 Sure!

  • Oh my GOSH! What a cute little show-stealer!! Yep, give it the winter to pray about and decide what you guys want to do. You’re awesome! Keep us posted! LOL…posted 🤣

  • You guys are so much stronger than you even give yourself credit for. You did a terrific job we're handed A Fistful of hurt and you come out on the other side so much better you should be very proud of yourselves. You have helped a lot of new and Young homesteaders. They will be better for what you have learned and we're strong enough to share and I wish I could just Smoochy Smoochy Smoochy that little boy so cute. God's blessings on you and all of the things that you accomplished this winter. Can't hardly wait to see what you accomplish this year.

  • Death is an unfortunately natural part of homesteading. You guys are awesome for sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • ChrisChris

    Author Reply

    The goat kids sure grew fast, and will go on to bigger things. My guess for future new animals, is a donkey for your daughter. I just have a feeling, it's coming. 😉

  • It is never easy to share what doesn't go right! So thank you for sharing it! Sorry for the losses of your does! Can't wait to see what goat you will choose next 🙂

  • Angora would be a good breed for not having to butcher…

  • I pray your daughter falls in love with the bovines on your farm in this season of recovery. There is nothing in Future Farmers of America or 4-H that states a young woman can not compete in both. In fact I think they compliment each other extremely well.
    She will always remember her Gizmo and Lacy and her first competition papers will most like contain this hard season.
    We all wish her and you all the very best and may Gods Grace give you peace.
    You did everything to honor each of them in life and death. That is the heart of a farmer. God Bless each and every one of you! ❤️

  • Not sure they were mistakes. Things just happen. You did your best