Witcher 3 Skills and Builds Guide – Part Three Alchemy (1080p) HD

The third in a series of guides looking into the skills and abilities tree’s of Witcher 3. Part one looks at combat skills, part two takes a look at Signs, part three a quick look at Alchemy and finally part four brings looks at how you can bring it all together to make the right build for any situation using Signs, Combat, Alchemy, Mutagens and General skills.

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This episode offers an overview of the options available when using Alchemy to take down your opposition in the right way. A very quick overview on what crafting Geralt can undertake to make Alchemy substances, alcohol (yeah baby!!), bombs decoctions, oils and potions and what effects each can offer to support gameplay.

It is entirely feasible to craft a character build based entirely on alchemy with some combat support so this is definitely something I will be looking at in later videos – I just need to level up a little more first 😉


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  • wow his voice is damn soothing

  • The great mumbler

  • u speaking normally and then start speaking almost whispering i cant hear some words but great series ill maybe go alchemy thanks

  • Totally agree bud. I'm just in the middle of making my first in depth video on Alchemy "Tank" build should be finished and uploaded in 4 hours or so. Would welcome your thoughts when it's done. So many different options to build the skills I keep blowing my crowns on clearance potions 😀

  • Alchemy is pretty Op