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Yoo Ah In’s cats translate what he’s saying [Home Alone Ep 351]

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💌ABOUT Home Alone

Home Alone is a reality show that portrays everyday lives of your favorite celebrities in the most intimate setting. The show invites the viewers to their homes, enabling them to closely observe their lives. From time to time, the stars of Home Alone have special gatherings as members of “Rainbow Club”, where each member is a friendly neighbor to one another as a fellow single dweller of the house. With Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, and Lee Si Eon as the hosts, they observe the lives of celebrities with various occupations, including actors and actresses, top models, athletes, comedians, and so on. Although the gender, lifestyle, personality, and many other attributes are all different, they all have this one thing in common. It’s that they all live alone.

GENRE: Variety
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2017
MAIN CAST: Park Na Rae, Kian84, Sung Hoon, Lee Si Eon

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  • Lol hahahahhahahah

  • My first thought was what if he was married and his wife was pregnant with those stairs 😂

  • Talking to your cat by meowing! Can totally relate 😂😂

  • the way things are placed in his house makes it look messy somehow

  • The girls pet is not a porcupine it's a hedgehog…

  • I believed in his acting ability ( personally i think one of the underrated actor's in Korea)…and ofcourse he's kinda cute too…looking dangerous and innocent at the same time….hahahaha ( i don't know if that's even possible):)

  • Sarange oppa
    I am your big fan❤
    Stay happy and safe ❤

  • I want to see chu with jang doyeon 😂

  • The struggle. Our house is pretty big but stairs are just a struggle. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

  • His smile. All the world agrees in this

  • That’s literally me, as soon as I arrive home, after all the stairs lol

  • this was just filmed for 1 day, so he might not really be lonely, stars hide their girlfriends all the time

  • Alfrex sofa is good 👍🏻

  • I know he love his cats and his cats also love him. But in addition to having a Cat, I feel like he should get a dog too, dog could brighten up his place and life a bit more. I feel like he is so lonely.

  • Haha great cat video!

  • Lovee ah in

  • Bad savior 73

  • Hahaha, the way he drank that reminds me of those kids gulping down water after playing outside the whole day 😂