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You don't need a license to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam | 摩托车 越南

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Everything you need to know about renting a motorcycle in Vietnam.


Unfortunately I forgot to mention repairs in the video. If anything happens to your bike repairs are extremely cheap. Maybe 5 dollars will fix any problem you could run into, so don’t even worry about it. The damage I did to my bike (as I mention in the video) only cost me 2 dollars to have fixed.

I just returned from the always fun and adventurous country of Vietnam. I want to share with you some advice on how the whole experience of renting motorcycles in Vietnam goes down. It can be an intimidating thing if you have never done it before.

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As always feel free to drop any questions in the comment section. God Bless!


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  • If you have an accident with out a licence you will get the blame even if its not your fault. And be arrested and pay damages. Even prison

  • You do need a licence if its over 49cc engine.

  • If you live here, get an A2 license. Don't buy some cast off backpackers scooter because in the longer run the maintenance and unreliability will be worse than having no scooter at all. You can buy a new Honda blade (semi auto transmission) for just over a grand.
    The hottest moms drive an Air Blade like my fiancée. ✌🏻
    Brown cops are traffic cops. Their motorcycle is faster than your scooter. Keep some tip money in your front pocket and your wallet hidden away. My fiancée's ex is a traffic cop (the tan uniform). Do as you wish but not stopping for a cop is not an intelligent move in a socialist country.

  • the green are tourist cop. the brown are real police.

  • Thnx dude

  • I know almost all places will rent you a bike, but it's actually quite dangerous to ride unlicensed in Vietnam. Reason is, even though the police don't pull you over usually, or most of the time a bribe of 500K VND solves it, if you get into an accident you're usually screwed. Your travel insurance won't pay your medical bills due to being unlicensed and thus breaking the law, and even if the other person you hit is at fault the police automatically pin you, the unlicensed foreigner, with all the blame for any accident you get into. I've heard of foreigners held in Vietnam until they basically coughed extortion money of $7-10K for an accident. So yeah, while riding unlicensed there is something you CAN do, imo it's something you SHOULDN'T do.

  • Thanks for the video, very informative and honest.
    It just refreshed my memories riding a bike in vietnam, that was a beautiful experience.
    BTW just like you said, I had no problem to leave my passport as a deposit, and I must say that I didn't get pull over by Vietnamese cops at all… but in Cambodia? OH yeah!! (actually kinda my mistake though not having helmet on)

  • The views are incredibly beautiful. The part where y'all are driving in the rain through the woods is incredible! I'm super jealous of y'alls trip haha Wish I could've been there! Great video.

  • How you laid your bike over was the most classic moment of our trip. I made it up the hill with no problem!

  • Informative, why were you wearing the mask? bugs?

  • The food looked interesting was it good