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YouTube Transitions – “Can it be done in React Native?”

In this video, we are looking at the YouTube app transitions. Hope that you will enjoy the video! 😀 Let me know what you think.

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The full example is available at

The boilerplate used for this project is also available at

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  • what changes should i make in this code for make this working in vanila react native. this uses lots of expo components. please make a video tutorial

  • Nice video! Thank you for providing this video~!

    I'm sorry to ask but I'm a beginner..
    I executed the all sourcecode from your github.
    This error occures in VideoModal.js 100th line
    => constructor(props: VideoModalProps) {
    TypeError : Cannot read property 'UNDETERMIND' of undefined.
    Please help me:) Thanks

  • Why can't "Gestures and Animations" course be one time purchase so I can access future updates?

  • github link is expired

  • may i know how to play the video in fullscreen mode in react-native

  • neat!

  • E JE J

    Author Reply

    @William Such a great tutorial. Can you maybe do a second part extending this where you add the bottom tabs navigation appearing/disappearing animation during the transition of the panel? Keep up the good work!

  • you don't explain any thing, you look like doing ctrl+c/ctrl+v codes !!

  • if you start from scratch and make Udemy course I gonna buy it

  • Great work! Although it does not work in Android. Could you check why? A big plus of React Native is that it is multiplatform, but it always requires some tricks and workarounds to make it work in Android and iOS. It would be great if you took them into account in your videos. Maybe at the end of each video try it in Android and show how you need to tweak it to make it work!

  • Impressive! How long have you been working with react-native and what was your prior experience?

  • The swipe don't work in Android.

  • Just want to say that I appreciate your work! Keep it up!

  • Nice work! Can u try to replicate this trending list animation ?

  • Awesome 👏

  • I found this animation on dribble and it seems really complex and beyond me. Can you look at it and see if you found this challenging. it's on dribble

  • Bonjour, ça fait maintenant quelques temps que je regarde vos vidéos et j'ai énormément appris et je vous en remercie. Malgré tout ça, c'est dommage qu'il n'y ait que des tutoriels en anglais car même si j'ai une bonne compréhension, j'ai parfois du mal à suivre. Je fais la demande et je pense que je ne suis pas le seul, de pouvoir avoir des tutoriels en français afin que la communauté React France soit plus "garnie". Voilà merci d'avoir lu et bonne journée 😉

  • “Can it be done in React Native?” YES IT CAN!

  • brilliant work!

  • ExpoExpo

    Author Reply

    💙 Each video is so good 🔥 Great work with this transition! The use of context API is very clever too! 😍 ~Evan 🥓

  • Fais nous des cours en francais :p, merci

  • Wooooooow 😍👍🏻

  • iMobyiMoby

    Author Reply

    What’s your workstation look like

  • Good video tutorial, I need a course of react native! 🤩🤩🤩

  • where can i start bro in order to understand your tutorials